Bulk Email in Ranchi

Bulk email is absolute for selling products, services, or events to customers, recruits, members, or suppliers who are linked to your company. Bulk Email in Ranchi has a vast scope; everyone has email, in addition to being able to reach your clients through their workstation, tablet, or smart phone.

Here at Nimbus IT Solutions, we have the required tools to generate Bulk email campaigns. We take care of the web design of the mail until it is sent perfectly. We also prefer to work on the title of the mail, the body, the images, and the links it will carry.

The return on investment is more immeasurable than marketing in mainstream media as it presents the precise analysis of information that it provides us, grasping how many clients received the email, how many opened it, and how many clicked on a link in the email.

Our team layout concepts that are perfect for the Bulk email campaign. According to each sector of the diverse industries in the business, they understand how to place the necessary elements in the correct order and space to generate the action. Bulk email in Ranchi works flawlessly for getting prospects (leads) and sales for your company.

Benefits of Nimbus Bulk Email in Ranchi:


The personalization of Bulk email provides something that, without a doubt, creates a difference for the customer. The client always aspires to feel admired by the brand, and his subscription to the firm is necessary too; that adds value. What better way to determine it than by recommending them the products they need the most. Assuredly, Bulk email in Ranchi empowers users to personalize content, and make them feel special. Only in this method we will gain clients’ loyalty.


Bulk email service is one of the ways of communication and marketing that makes it more natural to perform user segmentation. While mainstream media is aimed at a comprehensive user community, Bulk email service permits you to share by all those parameters you want. In this style, you will be able to adapt the newsletters to your contacts in a much better way and send them what they really need.


Computing on the relevant tool, Bulk email services ensure almost solely the delivery of the emails. These emails will be spam-free with the 90% prospect of inbox delivery.


Another distinct benefit of Bulk Email in Ranchi is its asynchrony. What the benefits come to tell us is that the communication of these emails does not demand immediate action. In simple words, the mail is sent to a database and is kept in the inbox for when the user wants to read it.

Advantages of Nimbus Bulk Email in Ranchi:

  • Direct qualified traffic to your website
  • Creates a link and enables customization
  • Cost savings
  • Flexible format
  • Possibility of visual development
  • Segmentation of interests
  • Real-time updates
  • Reduce time, cost and effort
  • Forward mails from anyplace
  • Formulates reliability with subscribers
  • Personalized messages to targeted audience
  • Email: A professional and formal mode of communication

Features of Nimbus Bulk email in Ranchi:

  • Spam-Free emails
  • 90% Inbox Delivery
  • Manage Leads
  • Increase sales
  • Email Campaigns with strategies
  • Track reports and statistics
  • Validity – Unlimited
  • Import/export contacts
  • Unique IP address
  • Manage email Ids/groups/list
  • Easy to Subscribe/Unsubscribe
  • Bulk Email Software – Free (Buy Credits Only)
  • Sender Name – Unlimited (FREE)

For Commercial:

  • Gmail Delivery: Take Quote
  • Emails with Gmail Delivery: Take Quote
  • Transactional (Billing & OTP)Email with API: Take Quote

GST: It will be 18% Extra on Total Cost.

Web Based Application Software Charges : Free

Validity : Unlimited

* Terms & Conditions Applied!

Note- Bulk Email Service is available for all over World (any country, especially INDIA).

Certainly, it does not matter how well planned you have everything and how intensely you can examine the effectiveness of your Bulk email campaign in Ranchi. It is the content of the promotional emails that you send that will really conclude if they are capable of producing more sales or not. And that's where we come: we pay more attention to the form than to the substance

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