Bulk Email in Mumbai

A proven way to build a substantial client base, effectively publicize your brand to a vast audience inexpensively, and have a better return on investment compared to other advertisement techniques, Bulk email is usually known as Mass mail and it is a perfect approach for brand awareness. More than half of the world is spending its time on the Internet. With 4.13 billion users worldwide, the possibilities of growing your business have become endless.

Here at Nimbus IT Solutions, we know from expertise that bulk emails can have numerous results for brands and businesses. In fact, that's why we have a service of Bulk email in Mumbai. Easily create email newsletters, target specific campaigns, and track responses, and more, services of Bulk email in Mumbai assure steady and secured traffic in a very short period.

We oversee your campaign from beginning to end and route your traffic by an intelligent load balance route to assure speedy and dependable email delivery. We offer Spam-free emails with a 90% prospect of Inbox delivery. Our email marketing services are intended to improve your business, and inconsiderate of skill level, you can endure the difference.

How Nimbus IT Solutions can help you with Bulk Email in Mumbai?

Diminish Time and Efforts:

Let’s say you have started a business and already collected more than hundreds of emails to spread the word about your brand to the audience. Now, you can initiate sending emails manually but within an hour you might receive an email from Google where you’d find that your email has been suspended due to spam.

All the efforts you’ve put into the work would be cut down to zero. It sounds a little bit harsh but it isn’t. That’s where Nimbus IT Solutions come to rescue you. We help you send thousands of emails within a second. Nevertheless, we also are aware that bulk emails aren't automatically victorious. To build a thriving email campaign, you'll require a reliable strategy and some well-designed tactics and we are here for it.

Real-time updates:

With Bulk email services, your brand/business will be sitting in the inbox of your clients within seconds. You can easily update them with a deal of the day and offers without any trouble. With us by your side, you can easily inspire new clients and rekindle old buyers to purchase products instantly.

Cost-Effective Strategies:

With millions of people in a single city, consider the fact that you'll be investing less and earning more. With the services of Bulk email in Mumbai, our primary aim would be to give you results with immense exposure. We target specific clients through strategies to increase the return on investments that ultimately grow your brand/business too.

Advantages of Nimbus Bulk Email Marketing Services:

  • Easily track responses
  • Target specific engagements
  • Guaranteed results and proven expertise
  • Pay as you go schemes and inexpensive packages
  • Mass Mail setup with easy accessibility from anywhere
  • Quick assistance for creating and managing lists
  • Enhance relationship between owner-clients through emails
  • Personalized newsletters, campaigns, messages, and promotional information

Features of Nimbus Bulk Email Marketing Software/Application:

  • Spam-Free emails with 90% Inbox Delivery
  • Maintain Groups/lists
  • Maintain email IDs
  • Email with unique IP address
  • Remove invalid emails
  • Easily import data
  • Validity – Unlimited
  • Sender Name – Unlimited (FREE)
  • Track the views of promotional emails
  • Email Id Database is available all over India
  • Users can easily unsubscribe if then no longer want to receive any promotional emails
  • Bulk Email Software – Free (Buy Credits Only)

For Commercial:

  • Gmail Delivery: Take Quote
  • Emails with Gmail Delivery: Take Quote
  • Transactional (Billing & OTP)Email with API: Take Quote

GST: It will be 18% Extra on Total Cost.

Web Based Application Software Charges : Free

Validity : Unlimited

* Terms & Conditions Applied!

Note- Bulk Email Service is available for all over World (any country, especially INDIA).

A city that never sleeps, Mumbai is the financial capital of India and with a well-prepared bulk email in Mumbai, you can increase brand recognition and exposure to thousands of specific clients. Due to this reason, there is a huge probability of obtaining more sales and growth.

Our highly-trained email professionals here at Nimbus IT Solutions are enthusiastic to encourage you to get a lot of the potential clients with Nimbus bulk email services. We are convinced that with an advanced effort, we can assist you to build an impactful bulk email approach and well-designed mass email templates that are effortless to manage and will eventually generate a movement for your brand.

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