Bulk Email in Chennai

Bulk emailing services, particularly those which provide personalization and automated features, have become very popular. As more and more people are spending their time on internet, it has increased the business growth rates and ROI as well.

Bulk email services help users to send the desired message to the targeted audience even without having to lift out the spam filters. These features make bulk email services very effective for marketing and promotional campaigns.

Here at Nimbus IT Solutions, We present a simplistic way to promote your brand/business through the influence of Bulk Email in Chennai and all over the country! When you are promoting a product or offering a service for your brand/business, the latchkey to triumph lies in getting your brand/business in front of as many considered clients as possible.

Nimbus IT Solutions is one of the rare firms that present your brand/business with a rock-solid and reliable audiences. It doesn't matter if your business is web-based or it has a physical location, there is no quicker, more affordable, or more efficient tool you can employ to promote your brand than direct Bulk Email Services.

How Nimbus IT Solutions can benefit you with Bulk Email in Chennai?

Quick Results:

Due to the instant impact of email, a company can start observing outcomes within moments of its emails being sent. A twenty-four-seven sale is an excellent selling ploy that can be used by email, as it generates a sense of necessity and turns subscribers to take instant action.

Low Costs:

One of the most prominent benefits of Bulk Email in Chennai is its more inexpensive cost compared to mainstream marketing ways. Bulk email service providers might consider spending on professional software to automate, track, and estimate their emails. When you send bulk emails, it automatically decreases the costs and efforts compared to manually working or getting deals on one-time services of bulk emails.

Skyrocket Revenue:

It has been recorded by the marketing weeks that bulk email marketing generates the retail sales of $40 billion annually. Bulk Email services are exceptional for taking benefit of momentum buying. There aren’t numerous marketing platforms that empower clients to go from seeing an offer to buying an item within a few clicks.

Advantages of Nimbus Email Marketing Services:

  • Real-time updates.
  • Diminish time and effort.
  • Send email from anywhere.
  • It builds credibility with your subscribers.
  • Personalized messages with a targeted audience.
  • Save-the-planet with Bulk email marketing services.
  • Bulk email also increases the traffic rates on the website.
  • Email: A professional and formal mode of communication.
  • Do you check your emails on daily basis? So does everyone.
  • Emails are easily accessible with smartphones, tablets, or laptops.
  • You can track reports easily and decide what strategy to use to gain more efficient results.
  • Bulk Email in Chennai is a cost-effective method for higher reach as compared to mainstream marketing media.

Who can use Nimbus Bulk Email in Chennai?

  • Architecture – Engineering Occupants
  • Arts and Design Industry
  • Entertainment and Sports personalities
  • Business & Financial Industry
  • Community & Social Services
  • Education & Training Industry
  • Management Occupants
  • Office and Administrative Occupants
  • Personal care & services
  • Travel & Tourism industry
  • Healthcare & Insurance

Whether you have inaugurated a new company, a marketing firm, developed a brand, or corporate, Bulk Email marketing services will provide you supplementary assistance in form of sales, growth, marketing, and revenue.

Features of Nimbus Bulk Email Marketing Software/Application:

  • Spam-Free emails
  • 90% Inbox Delivery
  • Lead management
  • Step-by-step campaign
  • Track reports and statistics
  • Validity – Unlimited
  • Add/Remove contacts
  • Unique IP address with each email
  • Easily manage Email IDs/Groups/Lists
  • Single-click Subscribe/Unsubscribe option
  • Bulk Email Software – Free (Buy Credits Only)

For Commercial:

  • Gmail Delivery: Take Quote
  • Emails with Gmail Delivery: Take Quote
  • Transactional (Billing & OTP)Email with API: Take Quote
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  • sadsadsa

GST: It will be 18% Extra on Total Cost.

Web Based Application Software Charges : Free

Validity : Unlimited

* Terms & Conditions Applied!

Note- Bulk Email Service is available for all over World (any country, especially INDIA).

We understand how valuable clients are and the services you offer them. Nimbus IT Solutions offers a platform that increases sales, growth, and revenue that comes with no limits. Bulk Email in Chennai is being used by corporate, Small and medium enterprises, and solo entrepreneurs.

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