Domain Registration

Domain Registration

As an integrated services provider, Nimbus offers domain registration services for virtually all top level domains, country specific domains and the newer business specific domains. We have tied up with leading and reliable registrar.

The Nimbus Advantages:

  • Affordable rates
  • We lock your domain once it is registered and secure it against hijacking
  • Your domain is safe with us and we provide you a control panel should you decide to host it otherwise it is kept secure.
  • We ensure your registration details are perfect and also protect information with domain privacy.
  • Domain performs well when you opt for our web hosting since we host on fast servers with T1/T3 connection to internet backbone

The first step to online worldwide business is to register your domain. Your domain could become a significant brand in time and you need to ensure that it is kept protected. With highest standards of ethical practices we keep your domain safeguarded at all times. In addition, opting to register domain with us also gives you advantageous rates when you opt for web hosting and web designing that are packaged into an attractive deal.

Our support is exceptional. Should you have any queries we are here to answer them. If you have problems we resolve them. For us, customer is king.

Disclaimer: Prices in the following table may vary at the time of Registration / Renewal. Please contact support for the actual prices.
TLDMin. YearsRegisterTransferRenewRegister Now
.Com1INR.799.00INR. 799.00INR. 799.00Register
.Net1INR. 599.00INR. 599.00INR. 599.00Register
.Org1INR. 599.00INR. 599.00INR. 599.00Register
.Biz1INR. 599.00INR. 599.00INR. 599.00Register
.Us1INR. 599.00INR. 599.00INR. 599.00Register
.Info1INR. 599.00INR. 599.00INR. 599.00Register
.Name1INR. 599.00INR.599.00INR. 599.00Register
.Mobi1INR. 999.00INR. 999.00INR. 999.00Register
.Asia1INR. 799.00INR. 799.00INR. 799.00Register
.In1INR. 799.00INR. 799.00INR. 799.00Register
.Co.in1INR. 599.00INR. 599.00INR. 599.00Register
.Bz1INR. 1199.00INR. 1199.00INR. 1199.00Register
.Cc1INR. 1199.00INR. 1199.00INR. 1199.00Register
.Cn1INR. 999.00INR. 999.00INR. 999.00Register
.Eu1INR. 599.00INR. 599.00INR. 599.00Register
.Me1INR. 1399.00INR. 1399.00INR. 1399.00Register
.Mn1INR. 2299.00INR. 2299.00INR. 2299.00Register
.Tel1INR. 899.00INR. 899.00INR. 899.00Register
.Tv1INR. 1499.00INR. 1499.00INR. 1499.00Register
.Uk1INR. 699.00INR. 699.00INR. 699.00Register
.Ws1INR. 599.00INR. 599.00INR. 599.00Register

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