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The alert SMS in Delhi NCR is a piece of text information that aims to disseminate and notify urgent and essential information in real-time and possibly automatically. Accessible in all circumstances, the SMS message on mobile phones is a necessary tool during emergency times.

Simple, economical, and extremely efficient solution, Alert SMS solutions in Delhi NCR allow you to communicate on your recipients' mobile phone in a fast, instantaneous, reliable, and efficient way and thus inform and transmit alerts without delay in situations of crisis, emergency, etc. Whether it is to inform a single person or an extended contact base, the SMS alert remains the most powerful tool, whether from the point of view of the immediacy of forwarding and getting the text information or its delivery rate.

SMS has become an excellent tool for marketing and communication. The Alert SMS service provider in Delhi NCR is a powerful resource that brands cannot miss if you want to use all available channels to reach your prospects and get conversions and sales.

Nevertheless, Alert SMS service in Delhi NCR also has other purposes that can be beneficial in social and formal security. Therefore, here at Nimbus IT Solutions, we want to talk about the emergency management and alerts through SMS and more now with the Covid crisis.

The services of Alerts Bulk SMS in Delhi NCR makes it easy for you to be informed at the moment about the movements in your accounts, charges, payments, balance, card operations. You can choose from a large number of available alerts (Alerts of accounts, cards, stock, foreigner, security, remote banking) that you will receive via a message on your mobile phone or email just at the moment in which there is a movement in your account related to the type of alert selected.

Types of alert bulk SMS in Noida available for clients:

SMS alerts: Through this service, you will receive alert messages via SMS on the mobile phone of your choice. This service can be enjoyed for a semi-annual fixed cost that includes the first 20 free SMS.

Mail Alerts: Through this free service, you will receive the alert messages comfortably in your email.

Mobile Notifications: This new service for users is available for mobiles with Android 4.0 or higher operating systems. For IOS with 6.0, it is entirely free and has the great advantage of this type of PUSH technology's immediacy.

 Nimbus IT Solutions’ service benefits of alert SMS service in Delhi NCR:

  • The harmony and safety of being ready to review card activities and services at any particular amount of time
  • Simple and comfortable, because you can compress it immediately
  • Adjustable, as you are the one who determines which alerts you obtain and at what time
  • Fast, because you receive the information immediately

And remember that you can conveniently manage all your alerts: register new alerts, change existing alerts, check messages sent, etc.

If your company needs to send the same information to a large number of people, whether customers or employees, the most practical and quick way is to send bulk SMS, and you may have heard of group texting; Therefore, this mobile communication channel is more than just sending alert bulk SMS.

Many companies have given up on traditional forms of communication. They have chosen to use channel segmentation such as SMS for their various stakeholders to facilitate and reduce costs in the communication process. In addition, for those users who wish to send a large amount of SMS in batches, there is an essential function: traffic!

What does that mean? This means that the web interface is not sufficient to accept Excel uploads with 1 million lines, as the SMS sending platform must also support this trigger. Few companies in the world can resist this trend.

For companies wishing to send alert bulk SMS in Noida, Nimbus IT Solutions offers two different ways to send messages; check below:

Web Dashboard:

If your company wants to send SMS to various contacts at once and enjoy the Internet's convenience, the Nimbus web manager is the ideal tool. Through it, shipping can be completed in just a few clicks, and you can monitor your campaigns through a complete shipping report.

Integration API:

Suppose your company already has a system and you want to send a lot of SMS from it. In that case, you can use the Integration API, which allows you to integrate Nimbus IT Solutions' SMS service into the system securely and to follow the leading platform.

Why do companies send alert bulk SMS in Noida?

The reasons are several, but the most obvious is that SMS has instant and guaranteed reading. Communication via the mobile phone can always reach the user; the user can use any device and ensure that he will receive SMS.

In addition, the rate of opening messages on cell phones exceeds 95%, which is much higher when compared to email, for example. In other words, it can be guaranteed that companies that send large amounts of SMS can influence the target audience in an economical, practical, and agile way.

What are the main features of Alert SMS and Missed call alert service in Delhi NCR?

The Alerts Service uses SMS to inform your banking operations (account transactions, card operations, investment funds, etc.). Alert SMS service in Noida is a flexible service that allows you to choose what type of alerts you want to receive, and when to be best adapted to your needs.

Accounts: we'll let you know when your salary has been paid in when your bills have been delivered when checks are paid or returned. With the missed call alert service, you will quickly receive a notification with the information of money transfer and current account updates.

At Nimbus IT Solutions, we'll inform you about the services offered with any of your tags (direct investments, ATM withdrawals, etc.), your repeated billing, and when you relinquish the limit of your credit card. However, Alert SMS services also operate to update the current holding on shares and updates on expected orders. You can easily find out precisely the worth of your funds with just a simple alert SMS service.

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