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Transactional SMS

Transactional SMS are ordinarily all business text information that is not selling or promoting. They are useful or informative text information about a product or service correlated with a client. Examples of Transactional SMS would include messages such as your food is ready and out for delivery or a reminder, you have an appointment tomorrow at the clinic. Transactional SMS in Delhi can be compatible with the content and effected at scale. So companies will frequently use an SMS portal API to automate the method. Transactional SMS are not obligated to have unsubscribed texts.

With Nimbus IT Solutions, to a strong marketing strategy through advertising messages, or to forward a non-commercial text such as transactional SMS, it permits you to send the precise information at the right moment to your clients' smartphone. This enables you to build and sustain a long and valuable client relationship while enhancing client loyalty. All the thanks to Nimbus, the SMS you send are all approved and effective through a provider that sends more than million SMS within a week.

Why Use the Services of Nimbus Transactional SMS in Delhi?

Your SMS are delivered

If it's a heavy MMS marketing campaign or transactional SMS at measure via our SMS portal API, you need to believe that your texts are delivered. Nimbus IT Solutions gives you that trusts through the use of primary routes and a 100% available service level agreement guarantee.

It's so simple to send your SMS

The portal of Transactional SMS in Delhi is super easy to use. With an individual agent, you will have your campaigns started in moments. From all around the world, Transactional SMS services that work on the basis of API is actually preferred by developers. It helps with its documentation, customer libraries, and comfort of use.

SMS keywords

Automate your SMS information without dropping personalization. There are services with Nimbus that use an auto responder that develops an interactive experience, group in SMS keywords, and it answers automatically.

Measure progress

Use broadcasting devices to track how Nimbus Transactional SMS in Delhi produces real business value. Monitor delivery performance and response times of the SMS using our easy yet exceptional reporting and analytics.

Significant Advantages of Transactional SMS in Delhi:

Shipment tracking, account credit/debit updates, or package delivery at relay point - Product availability message is a source of comfort and reliability and is one of the most natural methods to trigger Marketing or Marketing Mechanization. It is vastly used in the meaning of digital strategy and e-commerce.

Payment confirmation or transaction security: Forwarding OTP (one-time-password) via SMS type determined 3D makes it feasible to use the potential of a two-factor authentication easy to integrate and extensively efficient to accompany better safety of transactions and online payment system.

Forwarding access code or temporary password: sent immediately to the mobile phone number of the receiver, this kind of particular account activation texts is also a conventional practice linked to the dilemma of protection of the user's information.

Appointment or booking confirmation: Getting a confirmation on a booking or appointment details in advance saves unnecessary trouble of the mind. In a city that is crowded and always moving in a hurry, Transactional SMS in Delhi becomes more reliable and effectively useful for the recipient.

SMS is a universal support that reaches all mobile users (smart or not). Acknowledging that today everyone requires personalized assistance, your firm can reach the client individually beyond programmed SMS, through transactional SMS, thanks to which you can take out SMS marketing.

Although it may appear more suitable to do it by WhatsApp or email, presenting a more modern concept, the fact is that they are not universal services and not everyone uses them. An E-mail has the difficulty of anti-spam filters. If you make mass purchases, it may be that more than one provider blocks you, and your information never approaches the receivers, giving a defective image.

With the convenience of Transactional SMS in Delhi, however, all those who have a cell phone count, which the broad majority are, today. In addition, extensive transactional SMS can be personalized so that they approach each receiver independently, including their name and diverse texts. Market studies declare that the opening rate of SMS surpasses 90%, much more than any other mode of communication.

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