Bulk Email in Bangalore

Sending hundreds of thousands of emails to several email Ids can be stressful due to the amount of time and energy it needs. The cost of managing such a campaign would not be sustainable for any organization.

Bulk emails are generally used for business proposals and are sent from one company to many receivers at once. The purpose of a Bulk Email in Bangalore is to promote sales, retail commodities, and improve relationships. You can use the bulk email services to send newsletters, advertisements, announcements, commercial emails, marketing emails, and everything associated!

Determine how you want to do your email marketing campaign and how you aspire to share the content. The frequency with which you forward emails is more reliant on you, but less and always more!

Here at Nimbus IT Solutions, we perform email campaigns for each portion of your audience as part of our Digital Marketing strategies; we will broadcast your brand, we will help promote your commodities and services with effective notifications based on international regulations.

We build a very compelling relationship with your target audience based on an accurate analysis of your business niches. We will influence your current customers; we will retain inherent and potential customers, keeping them updated on your newest offers, services, and news from your firm.

Types of Bulk Emails Services in Bangalore:

Newsletters: A newsletter is an exceptional technique to keep subscribers notified about what's happening with a company. In most events, newsletters provide news, information, or direction to clients in an effort to help them better recognizes a particular service or product.

Promotional emails: Bulk emails in Bangalore are efficient in promoting sales, drawing customers with deals and suggestions, and developing brand recognition. These emails can also be used to recommend relevant products to current and potential clients.

Acquisition of emails: These are information sent to obtain new clients, targeting potential clients on a list that have not yet been converted. They can be used to share exclusive offers to influence potential buyers to make a purchase.

Retention of emails: These mass emails are customarily sent to existing clients to reassure them to keep purchasing from your company. Your goal is to improve customer loyalty to a brand.

Advantages of Nimbus Bulk Email in Bangalore:

Personalization: Mass mail services allow personalization of the same. This makes clients feel that the emails are certainly addressed to them individually and not to the crowds.

They generate trust: By forwarding a newsletter with relevant content, it produces assurance from users which will help develop relationships with your clients.

Timely messages: Email marketing services are configured to send emails at an accurate time and to a precise person. It will be beneficial to send the day's offers, as well as information of well-wishing on the user's birthday.

Constant communication: These email marketing services will enable you to be in steady conversation with your clients, which makes it achievable to present updated information about your products or services. They also have the opportunity for your customers to respond immediately and confidentially.

Features of Nimbus Bulk Email in Bangalore:

  • Spam-free emails
  • 90% Inbox delivery
  • Manage groups and email Ids
  • Import data
  • Remove unnecessary emails
  • Sender Name – Unlimited (Free)
  • Validity – Unlimited
  • Manage reports
  • Monitor campaigns and Track results
  • Unique IP Address for emails
  • One-click Subscribe/Unsubscribe option
  • Bulk Email Software – Free (Buy Credits Only)

For Commercial:

  • Gmail Delivery: Take Quote
  • Emails with Gmail Delivery: Take Quote
  • Transactional (Billing & OTP)Email with API: Take Quote

GST: It will be 18% Extra on Total Cost.

Web Based Application Software Charges : Free

Validity : Unlimited

* Terms & Conditions Applied!

Note- Bulk Email Service is available for all over World (any country, especially INDIA).

At Nimbus IT Solutions, our specialists use compelling email marketing tools. We will amplify strategies in agreement with you, execute them, and then accurately monitor the results in order to reach the best outcome for your project. It is understandable that clients are valuable and we are here to provide the support through Bulk email in Bangalore that deepens your relations with your customers.

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