OTP SMS Service Provider in Delhi, India

OTP SMS Service Provider

Have The Best Authentication System With Our OTP SMS At Nimbus IT Solutions

OTP or One Time Password is an innovative security protocol where the single-use password will be generated to the registered mobile number of the user, and this will help them to access their requirement authenticated. By adopting this OTP strategy, you can improve security for the site as well.  It is the two-way authentication which will further assure you to protect the digital identity of the users.

 Welcome to the leading destination to have OTP SMS

Nimbus IT Solutions is one of the country’s leading platforms where you can find the best campaign to generate OTP messages. We assure you that the SMS will reach the users instantly without any delays. Also, the data of the customers will be safe without two-way authentication factor. Moreover, we will help you to track the delivery of the OTP SMs and have extraordinary support from us at any time.

How will the business use OTP verification?

  • Authentication: It adds the additional layer of security to the website and apps without increasing the complexity for the users.  Understand it to authenticate the registration with the OTP verification.
  • Transaction validation: Make all the financial transactions securely and effectively. Add some additional fold of security with OTP verification to complete the transaction authentically.
  • Authorization: It can be account deletion, activation or restoring. You can make use of the OTP verification to have the smart way of handling the client data to be more secure. Resetting the OTP service to verify the users before resetting the password is considered to be more effective than sending the link through the verification mail.
  • Reactivation: Activating the client account through confirmation. It means the client is authenticating with the permission of the businessman.

Major industries we serve

  • Banking sector: One of the industries that are highly in needs authentication in the banking sector. So, it needs such authentication extensively. Generally, the banking sector will make use of the OTP verification to complete the transaction for all the money transaction or banking services.  So, we take responsibility and care to send the OTP SMS Service Provider in Delhi.
  • Shipping companies: OTP is commonly used by the shipping companies as well.  These will help in receiving the goods charge along with the successful creation of the shipping order.
  • E-Commerce platforms: Ecommerce is the other domain where the financial where people online transaction highly. They will generally use the OTP SMS to ensure the payment for the order authentication. It has to send the message for a number of customers, and we help with the highly secured process.
  • Web portals: Web portals will generally use the OTP SMS to ensure the authentication of the phone number. This will help highly for digital marketing as well.
  • Online transportation industry: It is massively necessary to have OTP authentication systems for the online transaction. This will help in avoiding trouble and have safe money transactions.
  • Mobile wallets: These days, the concept of mobile wallets is highly in use. Generally, they use the OTP service in two ways. Firstly, they ensure the account is registered by the right person with a mobile number. Secondly, they will use the funds carefully.

Types of OTP services we offer

  • SMS OTP service: Send OTP to your customer with the help of SMSes.  We offer a reliable OTP service with deliverability and low latency for the customers.
  • Voice OTP service: We help you to verify the customer using the voice OTP service. These are automatically generated voice calls that will play a sequence of digit and customer have to enter it manually.

Our features

  • Mobile-friendly interface
  • Lightning-fast delivery in less than 8 seconds
  • Customized sender ID
  • 100% delivery on active numbers
  • Powerful APIs
  • Send a unique sequence of code to 5+ lakh of people at once
  • 99.99% of server uptime
  • Send scheduled SMS
  • Send group SMS
  • Dedicated speed for huge campaigns
  • Upload from excel file

Are you looking to have the best OTP SMS authentication for your business now? We are available at Nimbus IT Solutions! Let us discuss for the further needs and we will take the responsibility to offer the best OTP SMS service.

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