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API SMS Service Provider

Take Up An Additional Feature For Your Business With API SMS Service At Nimbus IT Solutions

An SMS API will allow you to integrate the SMS service with your website, mobile application, third party application or service, CRM, etc. An API for sending the SMS message is the easiest way to send the automated bulk SMS message from the business platform.

WWe at Nimbus IT Solutions are serving as the industry leaders to offer an SMS API Services that will allow you to set up the SMS gateway. So, you will be able to send the SMS directly from the software or application solution. The integration of SMS sending requests at the core of the algorithm will allow you to automate the sending, receiving and controlling the SMS messages from the business software or website.

It is now the high time to integrate the SMS sending with our SMS API on your application! This integration of HTTP API is much faster, simple and easily accessible for the developer. Also, it is documented function by function for easy handling by the users.

 API SMS service at Nimbus IT Solutions

Nimbus IT Solutions offers the bulk SMS gateway to send and receive SMS communication to or from more than 1000 mobile networks. We are dealing with thousands of customers who trust us to send millions of SMS text messages around the world every day. Just with single SMS API Service Provider integration, we can also enjoy the benefits of the global reach, and SMS enable any application. Facilitate international two way messing, website or system, shortcodes and several others. We feature lots of factors concerning the benefits that the users can enjoy out of our API SMS service.

What can you expect from our API SMS service?

  • Detailed documentation: We offer you the documentation process that is complete and free. It will allow you to have fast, easy and step by step integration.
  • Continuous service: We have a dedicated and highly available infrastructure that is monitored constantly for 24/7.
  • Maximum security: We host in level 4 data centre, and we also assure that our API will guarantee maximum security for both the business and audience.
  • Technical support: We have a dedicated team who will help you to integrate with our APIs and answer to all your queries at any time.

Why should you have an API SMS service?

  • Two-factor authentication: Secure the application at the scale by sending the dynamic verification codes to the users.
  • Alerts and notification: You can send the automated account alert, remainders and dispatch notification to the audience.
  • SMS marketing: Engage with prospects and customers throughout the career journey.
  • SMS Auto responder: It will automatically respond to the customer even when you are away from it. This improves the value among the audience.
  • Appointment reminder: It reduces the no-shows by sending the automated reminders SMS generated from the system.
  • SMS survey:  You can send and receive the SMS and conduct survey for knowing the appropriate figure.

Features of API SMS at Nimbus IT Solutions:

  • Long term message concatenation
  • Handle opt-out intent
  • Message queuing
  • Support for any character set
  • Default message body purging
  • Number pooling
  • Sticky sender
  • Message feedback API

Ways to send and receive the SMS

  • Local phone number: You can use the local mobile number to send the SMs to any client in different parts of the country.
  • Alphanumeric sender ID: You can customize the sender ID to your brand by using the alphanumeric characters from the outbound message.
  • Toll-free numbers: Send and receive the SMS with the help of the toll-free numbers.  You can also buy the new number or existing number to have the SPI service.
  • Shortcode: You can send and receive a large volume of SMS through shortcodes throughout the country.

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Are you now willing to adopt such benefits to have an additional feature for your business?  Try our free SMS API Services for your technical and commercial needs at Nimbus IT Solutions! To proceed with the process, drop a message or call us. We will get in touch with you shortly, to discuss more about the necessity of the best API service for your business.

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