Transactional SMS in Mumbai

Transactional SMS are those that are sent separately to confirm an action done by the user. Taken collectively, it may be a tremendous amount, but the choice to forward them is individual, not bulky. We simplify it with an illustration. Think of the SMS that banks address with identification to verify a transaction. Altogether, combined with all the clients and all the services, they serve a pretty high figure; but each one of them is triggered separately when the user chooses to complete an action in a singular way.
Here at Nimbus IT Solutions, we provide coverage, quality, and scalability to satisfy the demands of any corporation, from SMEs to multinationals with more substantial projects in the mobile environment. We present a service of Transactional SMS in Mumbai that assures dependable delivery and use direct connection routes with phone operators to guarantee maximum delivery dependability.

Transactional SMS in Mumbai is Beneficial for:

  • Appointments reminder
  • Confirm bookings at restaurants and resorts
  • Sending alerts and notifications
  • Report emergencies
  • Notification of product availability
  • Verification of the acceptance of orders
  • Updates on the status of closed products
  • Submitting test results
  • Report absences
  • Sending service information (change of address, programs)
  • Sending activation codes or OTP
  • Notifying due dates

Benefits of Transactional SMS in Mumbai:

It develops client trust and experience: Interacting with clients in real-time and personally helps to strengthen a relationship of trust with them, carrying an image of professionalism, effectiveness, and transparency.
It is speedy and powerful: SMS are received immediately and read instantly, since the phone, unlike other devices, accompanies us in our daily responsibilities.
It is secure: Transactional SMS in Mumbai are delivered in just a few moments to the user's screen, unless the phone is switched off for a long span of time or that its administrator has limited this service. No worry, we   deliver the SMS to both DND and Non-DND users.
It presents information in real-time: Transactional SMS can be forwarded automatically and in real-time according to the variation in client data or any situation.

Three ways to improve your services of Transactional SMS in Mumbai with Nimbus:


Effortlessly implement two-step authentication and validate users by forwarding them an OTP via SMS. In addition to logging in with the identification they prefer, they will have an additional layer of safety. For instance, when handling payment details, clients will feel much more protected with an OTP to confirm. This way they obtain peace of mind when it occurs to managing their overall payment activity.

Valuable notifications

It's essential to stand out in a business where clients are flooded with the continuous flow of advertising. Notify your clients of relevant information by SMS when they require it. For instance, when their account balance is low, the package is out for delivery but will be late, or the flight has been postponed. Forward the notifications that your clients require and make sure they receive them.


Today we are very close with e-transactions and generally expect to get confirmations of our orders. When we don't receive a confirmation, we assume that there has been some kind of problem with the order. Forwarding a confirmation message of a transaction clearly restricts the chances of being disappointed. Customize and program your Transactional SMS in Mumbai to be in line with your brand and stay involved with your clients.

Examples of transactional messages:

SMS OTP: The Company broadcasts a key to the customer's mobile phone by SMS so that he can confirm his new account or the action he is carrying out. They are generally used in banks (transfers) and mobile apps that need identity validation.
Confirmation and reminder of appointments: Many companies verify acceptance of an appointment by SMS. They also employ SMS meeting reminders to avoid absences due to negligence.
Notifications of available product: When you try to buy a product but at the last moment, it went out of stock, that's where the notification comes to give you a detail on when it'll be available next.
Confirmation of online actions: when a user purchases a product online, the customer can verify the buying item by SMS or even send an SMS with the information of the purchase to the proprietor of the online store.
Texts information that is not transactional is often associated with mobile marketing. They are applied to communicate an advertisement, to promote some kind, or to retain a client. It is about sending bulk SMS. Since we are only talking about Transactional SMS in Mumbai, it'll be much easier for you to understand the key components of Transactional SMS with the demo.

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