Transactional SMS in Bangalore

Transactional SMS are texts information that provides a service to the receiver. The objective is not to promote or advertise but is to notify or mention some significant conclusion. The central effectiveness of transactional SMS is reminder notes, alarms, passwords, pickups, etc.
These sorts of notifications take hold of Transactional SMS in Bangalore (quick, direct, economical, and with guaranteed delivery) to interact consistently and present a better service. Currently, the increase of smart devices with an Internet connection has united functionalities to the SMS interface.
Precisely, it is permissible to insert links that complete the information and even give extensive functionality to the limited-character text information.
The purpose of a transactional SMS should invariably be to present better client or user service, updates, and relevant information that the user recognizes. In this process, it is expected to retain the user so that they repeat their purchase and sustain their relationship with the corporation or brand.

Three essential tips from Nimbus for Transactional SMS in Bangalore:

Send in real-time

For transactional SMS, momentum is everything. The SMS must be broadcasted in real-time, as soon as the customer carries out an activity or a request. The instant and accurate control of transactional SMS in Bangalore is absolute for the nature of a relationship of trust and reliability. Like the delivery, the real-time availability of statistical data concerning the progress of the campaigns is necessary to estimate the effects.

Give it a human touch

To assure that the content is suitable, take care of the mode of communication, limiting your SMS from appearing to be created by a computer. There is nothing that creates more prominent dismissal than a naive text. Giving the limited characters a human touch is crucial, thanks to a conversational and immediate tone, as natural and simple as possible: be cloudless, avoiding marketing or company slang words, abbreviations, jargon, and technicalities.

Customize the sender

With Nimbus, you can revise the sender area for each client, to reinstate the phone number with name, company name (or both). A device that makes the sender's name directly recognizable gives the campaign a further human touch and provides transparency to your brand image.

Essential Uses of Transactional SMS in Bangalore:

Identity Confirmation

With the convenience of transactional SMS in Bangalore, you can authorize an account activation or confirmation feature to enhance safety for your clients. When a client signs in, they will be given an OTP and will be asked to confirm their account by entering a confirmation code on their mobile phone.


Once the client has placed the order, real-time data about transportation, delivery, and pickup can be given to your shoppers via Transactional SMS. An easy delivery update, shipping verification, or pick-up information will authorize the buyer to know where their purchase is and can inform the buyer of changes, situation, and delivery right away. This builds a sense of confidence and helps to develop and sustain an immeasurable client relationship.


Sending a confirmation on the placed order is a genuine way to enhance the relationship with your customers. As a consumer, whenever a person placed an order, he won’t be sure about the shipping until he receives an update. It won’t matter if the update came to him via email or transactional SMS, but it surely will matter.


Missed meetings mean missed chances for businesses. That’s why it’s so essential to blow away the no-shows. With the convenience of time-triggered transactional SMS in Bangalore, you can make sure clients don’t misremember when they’re meeting you by recalling them of the day or even an hour earlier.


“The product you were looking for is now in stock, please visit the store.” The moment customer receives an alert on the product, it works like a charm. You can automatically inform customers when inventory levels fluctuate. Being handy to leverage stock alert Transactional SMS permits you to unite with first-time and returning clients on mobile phones.
Here at Nimbus IT Solutions, transactional SMS in Bangalore has functional and reliable technical support. The Nimbus transactional program unites the deliverability of the SMS with the purpose of optimizing the delivery of information, as well as improving and advancing your technical reliability as a sender. We also guard your domain name against any form of fraudulent activity.

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