Transactional SMS in Chennai

Transactional SMS is one of the extensive non-marketing automatic text information that businesses use to communicate directly with their customers. When you receive an OTP for login or confirmation for purchase, those text messages are generally called transactional SMS.
Unlike the broad majority of SMS that the organization forwards to its clients, transactional SMS does not have a promotional scheme. That is, they do not publish any advertisement or service to incentivize businesses, but rather try to give useful information for the client, presenting a series of data with no commercial intention.
Here at Nimbus IT Solutions, transactional SMS in Chennai includes all kinds of useful data for the customer; from a meeting reminder, hairstylist or beauty salon; a key or OTP to access a particular service; an update on the situation of a purchase; test or exam results or report the change of a phone number or location, among many others.
More and more businesses are opting for transactional SMS as the foremost method of direct interaction with their clients due to the multiple advantages it gives compared to other more conventional modes of communication.

Some of the most common uses of transactional SMS in Chennai:

  • To announce the production of an order, verify receipt, and thank the client.
  • It helps the customer when they receive an update on their purchase.
  • If the products are not promptly available in stock, to describe the inconvenience and guarantee the client that the order will be delivered as soon as possible.
  • Sometimes, due to several reasons, even after placing an order it can get canceled. Thus, transactional SMS in Chennai appears to be helpful where they receive a text with cancellation and refund payments.
  • To save customers time, efficiently notify them with the SMS that the product they were asking for is now available in the market again. This will avoid the risk of customers leaving the store empty-handed and saving time and energy.

Benefits of Transactional SMS in Chennai:

Beneficial for marketing companies

A broad variety of marketing businesses can use value-based SMS to their advantage. For instance, e-commerce can forward a message-based reply to e-commerce transactions. Likewise, banks can send updates/warnings to their customers. SMS in companies that offer services in the educational field can be used to give prompt warnings to supervisors and assistants. It's an efficient way to keep clients informed and gain their trust.


More than 97% of customers open the text the moment they received it. This makes SMS the most powerful way available to interact with clients. This is especially relevant when sending significant transactional information.


Transactional SMS are commonly persuasive in nature. This makes it indispensable for businesses to use a service that permits information to be sent and received immediately. Significant brands are using the service of Transactional SMS in Chennai to deliver specific information to their customers immediately.


90% of grown-ups have their cell phone within range at all times. Unlike email, it is simple for customers to send and receive information at almost any time. Not just when they're using the computer. This makes SMS a remarkably convenient way for transactional interaction.

Communication 24/7

One of the notable services that SMS composes is that it can be sent anytime, anywhere. Something happened at midnight that might affect your clients, well; you can quickly update them to reassure them that everything is under control and let them sympathize.  

Superior Client Relationship

Transactional SMS in Chennai can further facilitate a more extensive client relationship and present a precious marketing opportunity. Keeping clients informed and involved by SMS after purchase can help institute a personal kinship between the brand and the customer, enhance customer participation, and build integrity, thereby driving sales.
Plenty of advantages originated from the effectiveness of transactional SMS as a method of personal and instant connection with the customer. One of the foremost advantages is economical. Even though it seems like you are only notifying or updating your customer with their purchases/actions, but in reality you are building a much deeper connection with them to work more intensely.
Similarly, with Nimbus IT Solutions, Transactional SMS in Chennai is 100% authentic, reliable, and secure, since the client receives it on their mobile phone directly. Compared to other modes of communication, SMS are much more engaging for the client and are customarily read instantly, since the mobile accompanies us in each of our daily responsibilities.

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