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In order to give something that pleases, it is necessary to know the recipient; this is a principle that applies in all spheres of life and could be explained in the following way: if you had to buy a gift for someone you don't know, the most logical thing to do is that you ask all kinds of questions regarding their gender, age, occupation or preferences, or if you wanted to have a party you would not invite everyone. In the first case, not having data about the gift recipient will surely end in something inappropriate. In the second case, not segmenting your guests will cause memorable chaos in your celebration.

The same happens when designing a marketing campaign by Bulk SMS reseller services. It is important to invest enough time and resources to get to know your audience and segment it. There are different ways to do this type of market research. Among them, the survey, the registration links, or affiliation to subscription lists stand out. Regardless of the strategy used, it should always understand the type of customers you have and their needs.

The bulk SMS reseller provider in Jaipur should be part of or complement any other strategy that you have, either by email or through social networks. It should never be isolated from the rest of your marketing campaign; the text message should lead to your brand or your company.

Personalized content:

The receiver must feel that the message was written with him in mind, hence the importance of proper segmentation. In that sense, if you want to launch a promotion offering a discount to enter a playground. You cannot send that to your entire audience; you will be careful to do it only to those with children up to 10 years old; for example, you will not be interested in this to the rest. Congratulations on your birthday, mothers, fathers; their profession is a way to personalize bulk SMS reseller service provider in Jaipur. Another way to do it is by sending a code to obtain some benefit; this lets the reader know that the message is only for him.

Don't abandon them:

Doing bulk sending of SMS once or twice and then forgetting is not a correct practice. It would help if you keep your audience up to date with what the company is doing; anticipate small hints of new projects, share achievements. This makes the recipient feel "part of something," and they will feel connected in no time. It should not be forgotten that trust is built with small details, and the bulk SMS regularly is an invaluable tool to achieve this.

It is not necessary to spend all the available characters to compose a bulk SMS reseller in Jaipur. This should be simple, brief, clear, and call directly to action. A good example could be: "Look at the new bags and receive a 10% discount with this code: AJ54xM", immediately place the link of the store so that the receiver can enter from the same message.

Open communication channels:

Bulk SMS reseller service provider in Jaipur is a perfect option because they allow you to send specific messages to your customers. An example of this is reminding them of a date to withdraw an order or renew a subscription. If possible, you can also open the channel so that by that same route. Users can consult you certain things "Send a message to 1234, and you will receive our offers of the day" that is worth gold for those who do not have much time to search that information on the internet less waiting to be answered by phone.

Because it is the platform par excellence for sending bulk SMS, their team of experts will advise you on your campaign, which will exponentially increase your chances of success. You will be offered a variety of services, all oriented so that you achieve the loyalty of your audience organically and consistently.

In Nimbus IT Solutions, you can manage your contact book, send personalized messages, and schedule shipments. You will also find message templates and automatically unsubscribe management, statistics reports, and monitoring.


What is not measured cannot be evaluated. This SMS platform offers you the most complete and real-time measurements of each bulk SMS delivery. You can filter the information and segment it to know the shipment status, countries where it has been delivered, customers who have received it, etc. This allows you to make the changes and improvements that are necessary to achieve the established objectives.

Schedule your campaigns:

Launching a bulk SMS campaign has never been easier. In the platform, you can program the day and time each message should be sent, and it is also possible to configure the recipients to personalize them. The user can establish precisely when the shipments start and end, thus saving time and money because a natural person will not be necessary to take care of this work.

Through a bulk SMS, the client is directed to a landing page that you can also design with Nimbus IT Solutions' templates. This option is excellent for increasing the sales of online stores and different service agencies. The exciting thing about this proposal is that the design of these pages is special to be displayed on mobile phones' screens. This is how the user experience and the probability of conversion are increased.

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