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Bulk SMS reseller in Bangalore is a compelling and simple communication method that gives you an open rate of 97%. Sending bulk SMS to drive traffic to your application, website, or e-commerce will immediately help your business efficiency and workflow. Automated SMS will have more significant benefits for your business, as it will help you manage time more effectively and reduce business costs.

TBelow we will tell you the benefits of automating the sending of your bulk SMS with Nimbus IT Solutions, your email marketing platform, and the smartest decision for your business.

YOne of Nimbus IT Solutions' many advantages is that it allows you to have API integration with your CRM, e-commerce, and other existing software. With Nimbus IT Solutions, you can send messages very smoothly and safely.

Benefits of bulk SMS reseller provider in Bangalore:

It is fast and reliable:

Automated messages reach recipients at the speed of 200-500 SMS per second on 800 networks in more than 200 countries around the world.

Sender name:

It is common to use the Identification of the sender, and sometimes it depends on the campaign. For various regions, the ID has to be verified.

Easy to configure automation:

It is easy to schedule the bulk SMS as per the time and date to reduce the burden of manual transferring of text information. You can also configure the gradual sending of SMS in particular time frames.

Personalized SMS:

You may add the recipient's name and other personal information to each text message: your name or that of your business date of birth, discount code, and others.


You will be able to evaluate the results of the SMS campaigns sent by analyzing the available and delivered SMS reports.


Setting up an automated flow of messages containing SMS and emails and web push will be possible with the Nimbus IT Solutions platform.

Subscription forms:

Creating SMS forms and integrating them will be very easy with our platform. You can customize the dimensions, background, and font color and even place your business's image and logo.

Link to unsubscribe:

If the customer isn’t happy with the SMS reseller services, with a single-click, the user can easily unsubscribe to the services of Bulk SMS.

24/7 support:

From our developers with any questions or problems with the platform

Integrated platform:

With our service, you will be able to send bulk messages from one place and even mix them for more efficient communication with your clients.

Are you worried about the margins that your company leaves you at the end of the month? Well, use the sending of SMS reseller among your advertising techniques and increase your sales. And it is that this is a resource that today is still handy for brands and very practical with consumers. We explain how to do it.

Here are some tips for using bulk SMS reseller in Bangalore correctly:

- Notify of offers: Many people wait for sales to buy something they wanted. Maybe someone has seen a product of yours that has been attractive to them, but they wanted to wait until it was on sale. Remind them so that they can acquire it.

- Take advantage of the designated dates: Christmas, Valentine's Day, or summer are some unique times on the calendar when consumers experience new needs and look for other products. Plan campaigns that encourage purchases during these dates by sending personalized messages focused on the trends of that moment.

- Offer exclusive discounts: It is an excellent way to increase your database and make the user feel special. Whoever gives up their number can receive unique offers. This way, you give them a reason to send them advertising with the offers you are having.

- Specific calls to action: Any time can be an excellent time to encourage the purchase of your database. Of course, it will all depend on the type of message you send and not overwhelm too much. Once a month, you can usually encourage them to buy a specific product on sale or see the news.

As you can see, bulk SMS reseller service provider in Bangalore uses a technique that increases your sales, as long as you use them sparingly and wisely. Do not forget that it is essential to take care of the tone you use, the text, and the promotion you are launching to be attractive and striking.

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