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Many platforms offer the bulk SMS reseller service, but not all of them fulfill what they promise; at the end of the offer, they give you a few basic functionalities that you can only expand by paying more money than you had budgeted. And most importantly, the platform has to work with direct routes to guarantee deliverability to any operator. Nimbus IT Solutions is a comprehensive solution for any marketing campaign by sending bulk SMS. It is considered the best option because it is a compendium of features and functionalities that we will detail here.

These are the elements that make Nimbus IT Solutions stand out from the rest as the platform par excellence for bulk SMS reseller service provider in Chennai:

You only need an internet connection to access the platform because everything is in the cloud. Thanks to this feature, you can have your information and make your shipments anywhere in the world.

The website's design is responsive; that is, you can use it and view it easily from any device regardless of the size of its screen. It will not matter if you connect from a computer with a large monitor as if you do it from a 7-inch tablet.

The platform is connected to the leading mobile phone operators globally; this fully guarantees bulk SMS delivery.

It also has the instant message modality, sending the message to 500 people simultaneously for specific cases. An example of this is that you have a group of clients who have an appointment on a particular day; if the amount does not exceed the ceiling, you can send an instant message to all of them.

The services are inherent and straightforward to apply. The campaigns of Bulk SMS reseller in Chennai can be scheduled, and then the system takes care of the rest.

API: it is possible to connect with other applications to exchange messages, which is excellent for expanding the influence radius.

Let's talk about the functionalities of Bulk SMS reseller provider in Chennai:

You must first know what we mean by "functionality." It is everything that makes the platform easy to use, comfortable and useful, that allows it to fulfill the purposes for which it was created: the efficient sending of bulk SMS.

Optimized agenda:

Nothing better than having your contacts organized and properly segmented. With the Nimbus IT Solutions plan, you can create custom fields in your communications, allowing you to use that information as a segmentation variable.

It also allows you to analyze all delivery notifications when you decide and then automatically delete the numbers with a certain amount of delivery errors or have not received your messages. In that time, you will save a lot of time and money.

Finally, the optimized phonebook creates a "Black List" All the numbers of your contacts who declare that they do not want to receive your communications will go.

Custom messages:

You will be able to count on a series of functions that will allow you to elaborate on it as you need it. To save time, you can create templates for the messages you send frequently and the same.

The messages can be customized since they allow the inclusion of as many fields as you want to be as specific as you wish. You can include data such as name, expiration date, city, type of discount, etc.

Have you ever used "concatenated messages"? This means that you can configure the sending options to send up to five messages that the recipient will receive in a single SMS. This option is super practical when what you have to say is a bit long, and it prevents the client from receiving several notifications with fragments. Most countries have very efficient telephony services, but others do not enjoy such advantages; messages can take a while to be delivered in those areas. If SMS are sent in parts, you run the risk of a disaster because they do not arrive in the order they are sent, which will leave the reader more than lost.

Finally, with Nimbus IT Solutions, you can shorten links so that they are suitable for sending them in your messages and attach files in different formats through a link within the SMS.

Organize your campaign of bulk SMS reseller in Chennai:

Not all campaigns are the same; Nimbus IT Solutions allows you to plan it from start to finish according to your needs or objectives, in such a way that you can schedule your shipments to be sent at a specific time, in the interval you establish. You can adjust them to the different time zones. This will allow you to respect your subscribers' schedules, suppress Sundays and holidays, among other things.

What is not measured cannot be evaluated –

With Nimbus IT Solutions, you will have real-time information about the sending and receiving of your messages. These statistics can be exported in different formats for easy analysis. If something is valued during a bulk SMS campaign, it is to have this type of analytics while the process is developing; thus, any failure occurs in time. The appropriate corrections are applied before losing the rest of the resources. That translates into savings.

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