Bulk Voice Call Service Provider in Mumbai

Sending bulk voice call is a process of communicating or broadcasting the same message in a personalized way to a distinct target audience. It is, without a doubt, one of the most effective communication resources available today. It holds much more exposure than email, brochure mailing, or advertisements through mainstream media.

Notably, the enlightenment of reality that more than 60% of the world's population has a mobile phone, and 90% of them carry their phones with them, and this has increased the possibilities to skyrocket any business.

In today's culture, people pay less and less attention to regular mass media, such as TV, radio, and newspapers, and solely spend their time on social media and the internet. Similarly, Nimbus IT Solutions bestows a challenge in forwarding information to large numbers of people.

As the mobile phone has essentially become a business for people, the existence of Nimbus It Solution, one of most elegant Bulk Voice Service Provider in Mumbai, facilitate the forwarding of bulk voice call has become a beneficial and manageable tool for SMEs/Brands. Nimbus services are beneficial for mobile marketing, such as political/commercial campaigns, fundraising, invites to exhibitions, surveys, and much more.

Exceptional uses of Bulk Voice Call Service Provider in Mumbai:


One of the most prominent ways to take benefit of Bulk Voice Call Service Provider in Mumbai is by carrying surveys. A survey can be sent out in which the receivers of the information reply with a numerical code. This is valuable for various people who may be interested in comprehending the opinion of a population on diverse subjects, for instance, political campaign organizers, government bureaucracies, marketers, consumer trend analysts, among others.


Bulk Voice calls: both for organizers of political campaigns and owners of commercial premises, a Bulk Voice call service provider in Mumbai would allow advertising in a personalized approach, using a database, about exclusive offers, calls, and invitations to events and yearly promotions.


Hours: from public companies to medical clinics, they could apply this service to notify a specific audience about upcoming schedules or hours held for sending out procedures or consultations.


News alerts: from public bodies broadcasting weather alerts or notifying about periods to carry out judicial procedures to airlines reporting about the status of flights or offers, this is another valuable assistance of Bulk voice call service provider in Mumbai.

Multimedia and interactive communication:

The platforms for forwarding bulk voice calls also permit the sending of images, links, and videos. In addition, the ability to respond immediately that recipients have gives you the key interactivity factor to engage with people in the conversation.

Internal communication:

For organizations with a large staff, it is an effective and inexpensive way to contact all officials to convey special messages. This is another display of how Bulk Voice call service provider in Mumbai can be beneficial for the clients and as well as for the employees.

Customer support:

Companies that present technology services can report on service modifications, difficulties, or technical solutions to global problems. Thus, save the call of hundreds of people with claims in abnormal situations.

How Nimbus Voice Service Can Help Your Brand/Business?

Relationship with clients:

Make universal or personalized Voice calls to your clients for reliability, special offers, among other benefits.

Confirmation, cancellation, or rescheduling of meetings

You can send a piece of personalized text-to-voice information designating the date, time, and place of the meeting, in addition to giving the client, through IVR, the feasibility of confirming, canceling, or rescheduling it.

Satisfaction survey

From your information, the system generates a Voice & IVR call that allows the user to rate the services he received. This is efficiently done through our integration API.

Payment reminders

Make general or personalized Voice calls to your clients for payment reminders, clearly defining amounts, expiration dates, etc.

With Nimbus, another benefit that can be attached to the uses of a Bulk voice call service provider in Mumbai is the potentiality of receiving reports of how many calls were responded, not responded, or transferred to a voice mailbox.

All this without including the occasion of being able to reach the thousands of people in all parts of the world in a few moments and at a much lower expense than it implies for the sender of the message compared to the space for advertisements.

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