Voice Call Services in Bangalore

Can you guess, how long does it take for an individual to make a phone call to request a confirmation on a product or to take a survey? It takes around five minutes to complete such tasks. Now shift the bars a little bit higher, what about one hundred calls? An individual would spend a whole day on it, and it would take two weeks for one thousand calls.

The direct cost won't match the indirect cost when it'll come to complete such a tedious task. An automated bulk voice call service in Bangalore makes one thousand calls within a few minutes. Bulk voice call services can be worthwhile for targeting the audience. It helps you to communicate with many customers for a short period and left a huge impact on the receiver.

Voice calls and prerecorded voice notes forwarded to mobile phones and landlines will ordinarily have unbelievable results. They are robotic calls and carry the mechanized dialing of various numbers in a comparable time using personnel that is managed by the system.

Here at Nimbus, we present quality assistance to a vast number of customers who call us at the equivalent time. Merging it with your string of agents, no call will be left unanswered, and the result of any incident will be monitored.

We provide comprehensive, real-time statistics of which calls were answered, ignored, and what interactions the call receivers made. You will be able to measure the performance, and the decision, which you will make, would be based on data.

Features of Bulk Voice Call Service in Bangalore:

  • Ideal For: Political Campaigns, schools, universities, corporate and SMEs
  • Highest Quantity: 1l Voice Calls on a daily basis
  • Calls contacts DND numbers
  • Redial Attempts
  • 100% Guaranteed Delivery
  • Timing: Anytime
  • Call Scheduling Option
  • Automated Dialer
  • Maintain Contacts
  • Formulate Groups
  • Import/Export Contacts
  • Simple to Use Control Panel
  • Fully Automated System

Benefits of Bulk Voice Call Service in Bangalore:

Automated Calls:

With Nimbus Bulk Voice call service in Bangalore and pre-recorded notes, you can request a list of your company's customers and, when responding to the call, you can simply execute an audio note, the same voice message that you previously recorded with the data that you instruct to transfer to the customer.

Autonomy in Decisions:

We present the service for you to do the bulk tagging yourself or if you want, you provide us the database concurrently with the voice notes, and we'll do complete the work for you.


Let your clients speak to an agent if they are intrigued by your product. Installed transfer choices on numbers and monitor performance. Applying this feature will also establish a connection between the call receiver and the brand. Thus, it will establish the brand on deeper levels.

Less Time, More Exposure:

One of the significant benefits of having a Bulk Voice call service in Bangalore is that it would deliver the message to the vast majority of people within a short span of time. Once you insert the data into the system, it would take just a few moments for your customer to listen to the delivered message.

Voice Campaigns:

Advertisement and PR campaigns, forwarding data for educational organizations, confirmation of meetings for services and offices, an invite to events, and political operations are some of the voice campaigns that would be beneficial through Bulk voice service in Bangalore.

Comprehensive Reports and Call Analytics:

Accurate reports about your automatic voice notes campaigns support your plan efficiently. You'll get a real-time campaign description, complete call record, and periodic performance release.

Remarkably user-friendly plans are intended for implementing bulk voice call services at a profoundly affordable cost. It boosts your business to reach the summit. With a Bulk Voice call service in Bangalore, you can receive any further features with the desired market, customers, or with any additional organization. In many businesses, bulk voice calls benefit to minimize the industry cost and dependency on individuals.

Get on board with Nimbus IT Solutions to give your brand/business skyrocket growth. The numbers are merely an illusion, what matters, is the message you want to deliver to the people.

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