Voice Call Services in Chennai

Bulk Voice Calls are prerecorded audios that are forwarded to the cell phones of thousands of customers in Chennai through phone calls, saving time, and cost by sending information with personalized data.

Bulk voice call services can be utilized to reach a broad audience in seconds. Voice Call Services in Chennai are campaigns that trigger phone calls to clients sending promotional offers, suggestions, news, or helping customer service for clients. By sending voice calls, you can improve conversion rates, income, and customer support performance.

In two easy steps, you can massively call a record of your company's customers, when returning the call; impersonate a previously recorded audio broadcast with the data that you need to send to the client. With Nimbus IT Solutions Voice Call Services in Chennai, you can effortlessly reach thousands of clients in a very straightforward way.

Nimbus Bulk Voice Call Services in Chennai is ideal for:

  • Surveys
  • Offers and promotions
  • Payment or event reminders
  • Confirmation of payments and purchases
  • New Releases like services, events, and products
  • Mobile Marketing such as promotion, advertisement, and campaigns

Features of Nimbus Voice Call Services in Chennai:

Simultaneous calls:

Set the highest number of simultaneous calls, which is the number of collective calls you need to transfer while the campaign is running. This is beneficial for SMEs customer support with a limited figure of operators to receive calls. Nimbus Voice Call Services in Chennai can carry up to thousands of concurrent calls per campaign.

Call re-attempts:

Bulk Voice call permits you to configure various call retries for clients who did not respond to the call on the initial attempt. Don’t let your data get unresponsive, make sure they regenerate and respond to calls.


You can record your operations by inserting the time and date you need them to start transferring; reprogramming can be prepared with a few clicks. If you are certain about some clients, then you can customize the calls to the convenience of their time and date. 


With our series of real-time tracking, you can favorably track the bulk voice calls that were delivered, returned, dismissed, or transferred. Manage engagement rates to measure voice calls performance and get real-time data arrangements.

Database administration:

Nimbus IT Solutions database administration permits you to import customer information immediately into our platform with any regular spreadsheet setup. After importing the data, run it through the database management, which will clarify your archive before forwarding your campaign to assure your information will not be transferred to invalid landlines or phones. In addition, our services will recognize responses from clients who do not want to take any more calls and they will be blacklisted immediately.

Benefits of Nimbus Bulk Voice Call Services in Chennai:

  • Messages are sent over the internet in a few seconds.
  • Saves money and can easily send thousands of voice calls.
  • Multiple purchases are registered by date and time.
  • Nimbus IT Solutions has global coverage to reach its customers all over the country.
  • Effortlessly convert text to a compelling voice message using CRM data to improve conversions and ROI.
  • Nimbus IT Solutions call tracking settings are also available to allow you to select a different phone number per campaign and analyze the results to see the effectiveness of every campaign.

Now, how do you estimate the performance of each Bulk Voice Call? With Nimbus IT Solutions, you can generate statements that will include the Key performance indicators that intrigue you the most. In this process, you will be smart enough to make accurate judgments and develop strategies to maintain your client base.

With our reporting services, you have access to elaborate statistics of calls executed in real-time. You can identify when the phone began to ring and when it was received. From the exact time of the delivered message to exporting the reports, everything will be just a click away.

Furthermore, you have the feasibility of identifying the number of calls delivered (responded or taped on the answering machine), retried, or failed due to the error, etc.

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