IVR Service Provider in Chennai

Interactive Voice Response (IVR) is an automated calling feature that communicates with a caller through audio and conversation prompts. Depending on the information that is recorded (via voice response or a touch-tone keypad), the IVR can perform a variety of tasks. This feature can transfer calls to a particular person or department, provide data to a caller, manage transactions, or provide a live agent with information about the caller.

Careful outlining and configuration are essential to the performance of an IVR system. You will need to install a set of categories for the menus, options, messages, and your responses. Next, you will have to determine where the callers and those who select specific directions will be sent.

IVR service can either be hosted on-premise or can be outsourced to an IVR Service Provider in Chennai such as Nimbus IT Solutions. We offer various IVR Systems for your business. Using an IVR Service is not a complicated procedure and can easily be installed on any web-browser.

In recent times with the advent of technology, setting up an IVR on your number is a piece of cake and can even be started on your own number within a matter of minutes.

One of the significant benefits of cloud-based IVR solutions is that they are flexible and can be customized according to requirements. You can use an IVR Service Provider in Chennai in order to provide answers to customer questions and also to carry out automated telephone handling with multi-tasking capabilities.

IVR services can be used to present results to questions regarding order status, availability, shipping, and returns along with a host of other information. With a well-designed IVR Service Provider in Chennai, you can easily provide answers to all your callers within seconds without wasting any time. You can also use an IVR service to perform automated follow-up and identify repeat callers.

Features of Nimbus IVR Services:

  • Call recording with no limits
  • Quality monitoring of calls
  • Call routing with suitable timings
  • Easily blacklist unwanted callers
  • Track real-time call logs
  • SMS and email alerts
  • Systematic dashboard
  • 24/7 customer support
  • CRM Integration with monitoring call timings and details

Significant advantages of Nimbus IT Solutions IVR system:

Communication without Any Error:

Company representatives respond to numerous calls throughout the day, and it seems obvious that some errors are likely to occur that are not beneficial to the company. After installing various sets of rules and directions, IVR makes conversation error-free and more efficient.

Efficient Call Management:

With a virtual receptionist, you can approach your customer with more personalized communications. IVR Service Provider in Chennai can gaily apply this technology to respond to most of the commonly asked inquiries like working hours or current tech support issues. The agent serving a customer can be more precise and can wind up the call as soon as the clarification is shared. Thus, with such an IVR administration, you can accompany more clients as realistically you need less time to solve the problem.

24/7 Services:

For twenty-four-seven services, the company requires a minimum of two separate individuals to manage the calls, but with IVR, you easily get the assistance that works 24/7/52 without any break and leaves. It never stops until you manually want to discontinue the services.

Call-back Assistance:

Calling customer care is least favored by customers just because of the unspecified waiting time. The callback assistance, a significant benefit of the Nimbus IVR services over the conventional ones, can resolve the concern. It provides callers the alternative to have their call answered rather than remaining on hold. This modest service has an immense impression.


Nimbus IVR services are cost-effective as it considerably decreases the liability of having an actual receptionist. Apart from that, it lessens your cost per call by giving your clients to pick the kind of guidance they require. Instructing the customer to the concerned operator can conserve quite an immeasurable amount of time. Not to ignore that this can also support in saving some amounts yearly.

First Impressions Last:

One of the advantages of IVR Service Provider in Chennai is the ‘big’ image it builds. It won't matter if it's a small & medium business, or just three people started the company, the hosted IVR provides a professional image for the firm. When handled accurately, you can combine more extensions and give a comprehensive service that will leave the caller to believe that you are a well-established company! Isn’t it fabulous?

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