What Reasons to Adopt Marketing Automation

Marketing Automation

Digital marketing is changing the landscape of marketing and advertising, and those who don’t adapt are going to be left behind. However, with these new online marketing strategies come a new set of challenges facing marketers. Customers and leads now want to receive information through a plethora of different channels. It’s no longer enough to send paper flyers, buy billboards, and advertise on the radio. Now, you need to have a social media presence, an engaging email marketing strategy, personalized communications that appeal to individuals, and so much more.

With digital marketing comes many different options. In order to manage them all, marketers need the right set of tools, namely, marketing automation. With marketing automation, you have a platform from which you can manage multiple channels, automate communications, and offer personalization on an individual level. Adopting marketing automation comes with many benefits. Here are the top three:

Multi-channel communication

For as long as online marketing has been in existence, email marketing has been and continues to be king. It’s no secret that email marketing is highly successful and has one of the highest ROIs of all marketing tactics. However, there are more digital channels than just email.

A marketing automation platform gives you the ability to utilize email marketing in new and powerful ways. From personalization of newsletters to user-triggered auto responses, marketing automation add brand new functionality to email marketing. On top of email, marketing automation provides use of other channels, such as SMS, voice, fax, social media, and more. All of these channels can be personalized and automated to make your marketing engaging on many different fronts.

Engage and re-engage

Customer retention and engagement is key to a successful business. It’s common knowledge that it is more cost-effective to keep an existing customer than it is to find a new one. In order to keep your existing client base engaged, you need to be able to provide them with something that no one else can.

The personalization that marketing automation provides gives all your communications with clients a personal touch based on all the interactions they have had with you and your communications. For clients that are not as engaged, marketing automation platforms allow you to run automated re-engagement campaigns, thus increasing retention through personalization.

Stay organized

On top of adding personalization and automation to your marketing campaigns, marketing automation keeps all communications organized and streamlined. Instead of having to manage several different tools for several different channels, marketing automation keeps all channels organized in the same centralized platform.
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