Telecom Regulatory Authority Of India (TRAI)


TRAI is an independent authority of the telecommunications sector in India. It is regulation of broadcasting and cable TV services. It is also a recommendatory body for Licensing in Telecom And Broadcasting. TRAI’s mission is to create and upbringing the process & growth of telecommunications, including broadcasting and cable services in the country in a manner and at a pace which will enable India to play a leading role in the emerging global information society.

Telecom Regulation in India

TRAI’s Power & Functions are:

The main function of TRAI is to make sure compliance terms and conditions of the license. It has also made sure technical compatibility and effective interconnection among different service providers. It is the licensing related issues and measures to facilitate competition and growth and solve issues related to technology & efficient management of available Spectrum. It is the regulatory functions, Interconnection, tariff Fixation of the Services, quality of service and ensure compliance of license conditions and effective compliance with the US. It is the issue directions to the service providers on matters relating to its regulatory functions.

TRAI Regulations help in bulk SMS business and keeps getting updated from time to time. TRAI updates its regulations on:

  • Promotional SMS.
  • Transactional SMS.
  • Broadcasting to classified categories.
  • DND Scrubbing.
  • Sending Time.
  • Termination charges.
  • Sender Name.
  • Penalty Fees, etc.,

The role of BULK SMS gateway automatically filters the mobile numbers from the NDNC registry. This feature enables you to only send messages to people who are not on the “Do Not Disturb” list and will let you promote and market your company ethically which will enhance your company’s reputation. You can also send corporate bulk SMS through this service, which enables your clients and customers to communicate with the company easily. Corporate SMS facility is also a great way to maintain coordination between the executives and employees at different levels. It also enables you to give out vital information like numbers, name, etc. which people might need later. This feature is really helpful while sending business sms.

Major Initiatives of TRAI in Recent Times

  • Internet telephony , MVNO
  • Provision of Calling Cards by Long Distance Operator
  • Reserve price and auction process for 3G services
  • Mobile ,TV , IPTV & HITS
  • Licensing provisions for Cable TV Operators, MSOs and Steps for Digitalisation
  • Tariff Order fixes the ceiling on Cable TV subscription


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