Significance of Bulk SMS Services through Essential Point of Views

Imagine that you have just acquired a new bank credit card, and you are unaware of many of the benefits you have when making your purchases. The bank, for its part, in order for you to use its service as a payment method, designed a series of Bulk SMS messages to inform you about the establishments where you can buy and enjoy benefits, such as interest-free months, contests for prizes, and gifts, as well as reminders about your court date and payment.

Without a doubt, with the instant guide of Bulk SMS in Mumbai, now you could better anticipate your purchases and decide your payment method more intelligently, don't you think? With the appearance of the first smartphones and other instant messaging tools that work with the internet, many thought that SMS had its days numbered, but it has already stayed longer than expected.

The reasons could be several, but without a doubt the most prominent are: the fact that they have a greater reach and reading rate, do not need an internet connection, and are more secure.

Here we share three points of view on why Bulk SMS in Mumbai is still in force and will continue for a long time.

1. Longer and better range: The truth is that if there is a messaging service that guarantees that the recipient receives certain information, this is the SMS. And it is that text messages are the service with the highest reading rate, above other platforms such as WhatsApp and email.

Although users between 35 and 49 years old are the ones who use SMS the most, it is possible to access all types of audiences through the sending of traditional text messages, given its penetration rate. More than 90% of SMS are opened in the first three minutes after receiving it, and if the news is also interactive, the opening rate is above 52%.

Millions of people use cell phones in the country, and 2 out of every three users have a smartphone. According to the data; this means that 65% of the population is likely to receive a Bulk SMS and that this represents the perfect way to reach everyone.

2. They do not depend on the Internet: It is unnecessary to have an Internet connection to receive text messages via SMS but to have mobile coverage. This means that any user with a cell phone, even if it is not a smartphone, does not have data or is abroad and does not want to activate it, can receive notifications by Bulk SMS in Mumbai.

It should also be taken into account that only 33% of smartphone users in the country can establish an Internet connection and receive messages through other platforms; They have full connectivity and do not depend on external networks to be connected.

Furthermore, not all instant messaging applications, even with the internet, are compatible with operating systems such as Windows or iOS. The SMS, however, can be received by all types of operating systems.

3. They are safer: Bulk SMS in Mumbai is also considered more secure than the rest of the messaging platforms because they do not go through an IP network but through the operators' private mobile network, making it more difficult to access it.

To register services such as WhatsApp and others, it is requested to enter a previously sent code by SMS. The security of traditional messages contrasts with that of messaging services such as email or WhatsApp, which has even had to resort to data encryption to protect the information of its users.

In its beginnings, the primary use of text messages was to inform customers of mobile operators about voice messages at no cost, which represented the first innovation of SMS, since, without them, users previously had to dial periodically to their voicemail to see if they had messages waiting to be heard.

Today it may seem like an old-fashioned technology, but the reality is that Bulk SMS in Mumbai plays a key role in the communication of companies with their customers. In this way, banks, airlines, or small businesses do not hesitate to launch their alerts and even offers through this channel.

Currently, SMS is still the safest mobile channel to get a message to reach its target audience, so they represent a more efficient marketing tool concerning others such as email and other messaging systems, which allows both the employer and the client to find practicality, safety, and efficiency in its use.

Companies such as Nimbus Adcom send millions of messages per month to more than thousands of operators around the country. There is no doubt that traditional messages are not dead, and they will not for a long time. By remaining in force and representing the perfect combination of efficacy, security, and reach, they become the best option to revive the marketing campaigns of any business, using different solutions focused on SMS to get the desired information to the right person, in the right place, at the precise moment.

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