Some of the remarkable methods to send SMS (and find the ones that suit you best)

Sending SMS to your customers is something very widespread in almost all industries. They are cheap, reliable and you don't need your users to have any special application installed; they come directly to the phone.

They are versatile in the different uses you can give them (marketing, appointment reminders, and birthday greetings). You can also send them in different ways depending on what suits you best. You don't need a large development team or spend many hours preparing shipments.
Being in the IT industry for the last 15 years and serving as a reliable SMS API service provider in India, we have concluded mainly five methods to send SMS to your clients, depending on what type of company you are or your objectives: you can send them from our online platform, from your email or automatically through our API.

Send SMS from your computer:

The easiest way to send SMS to your customers is through our online SMS platform. It is very easy to use, so you only need to register, make your first balance recharge, and you can start sending SMS immediately.

You can upload the data of your contacts in a spreadsheet or paste them into our platform. You can organize your contacts in different lists according to your objectives and save them from making your next shipments more comfortable within our website.

You can then customize the sender, write your message and insert a link to your page or one of our SMS landing pages. You can further personalize your message by automatically inserting dynamic fields into your SMS, such as your customers' names, orders' tracking numbers, reservation details, etc.

Send SMS online:

On our platform, you can use tracked URLs to see which users click on your links and to be able to communicate better with them. Our analysis tool will also allow you to ensure that your messages are delivered correctly and on time. This is the ideal option for you to send attractive promotions, appointment reminders or surveys and accurately measure your campaign's results.

Send SMS from your email:

This option allows you to simplify sending SMS as much as possible. You only need to configure your Nimbus IT Solutions account from which emails the SMS can be sent, and you are ready to start sending.

The option of sending SMS from email is very popular among companies because it is the most comfortable. Although it does not offer you the same range of possibilities as sending SMS from our platform, it is extremely easy to configure. You don't need to create or remember different usernames and passwords, and your entire team can learn to use this system in less than a minute.

Send SMS by email:

If you have contracted the virtual numbers service to receive SMS, this method also allows you to have conversations with your customers, as if it were a chat. You can view the reports and measure the success of your campaign by accessing your account through the dashboard. This is the ideal option for you if you are looking for a quick, simple and easy-to-use solution to communicate with your clients.

Send SMS with our API:

Integrating your website or your software with our API will allow you to send SMS 100% automatically based on your chosen criteria. You can automatically send purchase confirmations, tracking numbers, two-step verification, delivery notices, satisfaction surveys, appointment reminders. You set the limits!

Although to integrate your software with our API, you will need to have a developer, and it is not a difficult task. We have a lot of documentation that can help you in the process. We are the best SMS API service provider in India. We understand that this option is ideal for you if you have a development team and automatically send personalized SMS to your clients.
Choose the method that best suits you and start sending SMS today with Nimbus IT Solutions. Find out what SMS can do for you by taking a free trial.

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