Organizations That Use SMS API Services for Their Day-to-Day Business and You Should use it too

An SMS API can also be called an HTTP gateway or SMS gateway. In any case, we are talking about a standalone application that can be integrated into other applications developed by professionals or even into preconfigured and business management applications such as the famous CRMs. In short, API refers to an application to be executed in another application.

Basically, it allows users to carry out SMS campaigns from a web platform accessed with a username and password. SMS from the web is an increasingly common resource, and numerous companies offer this service, such as Nimbus Adcom.

Advantages of Using SMS API Services 

The SMS gateway or API is an application that runs in another application, so in order to use this system, two requirements is necessary:

- Have a programmer or programmers develop the API and include it in the application used for marketing campaigns.
- Use the API developed by others and knows how to implement it in your web management software or platform.

If You Know to Perform one of These Two Integrations, Using the SMS API has the Following Advantages:

• Ability to customize the SMS messaging service 100%.
• Ability to implement it in a wide variety of business applications.
• Ability to automate the scheduling of shipments and their characteristics to the maximum.

With an SMS API service provider in India, there is practically no limit on the number of contacts to send messages. The messages and the application itself can be customized as needed, thanks to accessing the source code.

If the API itself is developed, it can become a source of income since you have the option of reselling to companies or creating a web service for users to use as a service. What happens if you don't know to develop your SMS API or the ability to integrate a third-party API into your application? That you have to resort to the SMS web service, which, by the way, is the most widely used format for creating SMS marketing campaigns.

Benefits of using the SMS API Service

  • The most obvious is that you do not need to be a computer scientist to use this service, simply an advanced user with knowledge and experience in communication. Even in the free versions, users have the essential functions: program SMS shipments, personalize messages, include links, segment shipments, or view campaign statistics.
  • Most of us use SMS as a simple communication tool to send quick messages. For example, many companies rely on SMS to deliver creative, promotional, and secure App-to-Person (A2P) messages, where an app sends messages to subscribers' mobile phones. This method allows companies to send text alerts via SMS to multiple customers or to target a specific market at the same time.
  • Specifically, companies in the B2C (Business to Customer) field frequently resort to two-way or transactional SMS since they allow them to significantly improve their customer loyalty and ROI (Return on Investment). 

Down below we have mentioned how businesses integrate SMS into their business using the advanced technology provided by SMS API service provider in India. 

Travel and Transportation

  • Travel and transportation companies often have essential and urgent information useful for their clients' travel plans. And the best way to get this information instantly is through text alerts, especially when passengers are already traveling.
  • Critical alerts and notifications, such as flight status, delays, or door changes, are usually sent to the traveler by SMS. For example, transactional SMS prompts customers to check an application for the latest changes to their flight or possible cancellations. All this information can be easily integrated using a programmable SMS API. For example, Airlines uses SMS services to inform its customers of door changes, delays, cancellations, or possible delays in luggage arrival through text alerts. This messaging service allows the client to make decisions and organize themselves better.

Financial Services and Payment Processing

  • The financial services and payments sectors are also expanding their mobile communication channels in order to improve customer access to their products.
  • For example, mobile banking is becoming one of the sectors that most use two-way messaging, thanks to the possibility of requesting statements or balance updates via SMS. Some banks offer their clients a service that allows them to configure alerts through text messages to know their bank accounts' status. This communication can be easily integrated with a programmable SMS API, thus helping customers stay informed of their expenses without logging in to their online banking.


Major pharmacies inform their customers when their prescriptions are ready through transactional SMS-based communications. Pharmacies can also use SMS services to ask the supplier for undelivered orders or know the same status.

Who Else Uses SMS API Services?

Several vertical sectors are experiencing a significant change, such as healthcare, restoration, or automotive. Social networks are also beginning to integrate SMS services into their business strategy. Thanks to the high open rate and the possibility of optimizing communication processes, companies use SMS to improve their customers' experience. Nimbus Adcom's transactional SMS can be easily integrated using a programmable SMS API. In you require further information on how SMS API service provider in India uses their technology to help business, you can connect with our experts at anytime and from anywhere. 

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