Build customer loyalty and make campaigns clickable through Bulk SMS

Bulk SMS is an easy and direct way of communication. Everyone has a mobile phone. It's reading, as we have seen, is immediate, so it will be much easier to make something known to your customers if you communicate it by SMS than if you do it by email or any other channel. The SMS arrives, which guarantees that the message will be read and successfully communicated.

SMS to publicize promotions, discounts, recruitment campaigns, etc., is its great point in favor. Customers will feel better communicated, and it will allow you to establish a communication that makes you carry your message to them and feel integrated into the company. It is ideal to comprehend what happens and how it occurs and have credentials to the benefits. Customers will value very positively that you contact them to send them promotions they would not otherwise know about.

One of the benefits of sending bulk SMS is contacting its customers

Customer loyalty is based on establishing a relationship of trust between the company and the customer. The SMS to retain customers will triumph when the customer receives the messages because he wants to because he hopes to achieve something and the company provides it.
Now, how to do it? Here are the best strategies to gain customer loyalty:

A very effective way to build customer loyalty is to send exclusive messages and unique promotions. Exclusivity is one of the factors that work best to build loyalty. Unique and exclusive promotions are what the customer is looking for when establishing a relationship with a company.

These promotions can be product giveaways, discounts, or a simple one-on-one offer. The supposition is that the customer who receives the message, in this case, understands that by accepting the SMS, they are accepting that promotion. If he does not receive the SMS, he will not access this promotion exclusively designed for him.

Send Bulk SMS messages to communicate the latest company news, launch promotions or announce future changes. Keep your clients up to date with everything that happens in the company. If you can establish a relationship of trust with the client, you will tell him what is happening, the changes that you will implement, and how you will communicate with him. 

Bulk SMS as a means of communication – SMS is an ideal means of communication; many stores, ecommerce; use SMS to report the point where the customer has purchased is located. A very clear example would be a store that makes shipments. Once the product is ready for shipment, it communicates to the customer through an SMS with the estimated delivery date.

The best way to get them to click on your bulk SMS campaign

We already know that more than 90% of all text messages that are sent in bulk SMS campaigns are opened in the first five minutes after receiving the SMS in the terminal, so the opening rates, in principle, do not imply a concern for us.

That the recipient opens the text message is almost guaranteed, but now we must ask ourselves some questions. Will they participate in our campaign? Will they click on the links that we have included in our message? Are they going to buy the product? 90% of the Bulk SMS campaign recipients read the content, but only a few participated.

How to get them to click on SMS –pay attention to the following:

1. Include a call to action

Whatever CTA you make, make sure it is a gateway to your link; never insert a URL without any label or identifier into your bulk SMS campaign. This will only cause mistrust in the recipient and make your message spam.

For instance: "buy", "click", "call"  are verbs that lead your audience to act, followed by words that give a sense of urgency, such as  "now" "limited time"  that increase customer motivation.

2. Make sure your link works correctly

Even if you are using our link shortener, give it a try and send yourself a test before sending it to your entire database. This will ensure that the link is working correctly and is directing the recipients exactly where you want. Do everything in your power so that users do not experience any errors, which can destroy your brand and the campaign's credibility.

3. If you haven't gotten them to click, have you lost them as customers?

At this moment we must ask ourselves if the offer that we have sent them was as good as we thought if we have made it at the right time. If the recipient has experienced disappointment in your previous shipments, they may not click on future shipments again. Always make sure that what the user will find after clicking the link is full of value for him.

We truly believe in sending bulk SMS and that if done correctly, this SMS marketing tool will help you grow your business. Do you want to know more? Connect with our experts to know more about the Bulk SMS services we provide, and we will tell you how it’ll expand your business at once.

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