Essential Things You Need to Know About Bulk SMS for Startups, From a Marketer’s Perspective

Currently, we are in a time when communication through new technologies has become essential in people's lives. So much so that more and more people use these media, reaching very important topics just by looking at the mobile.

One of the most effective strategies in attracting new customers is SMS Marketing. SMS campaigns use the ideal channel to reach very different types of customers from diverse, productive sectors and businesses.

Bulk SMS has the highest return for companies performing mobile marketing and perfectly suited to business communication: direct messages, insurance, and little crowded. Its reception rates reach 98%, and the click-through rate of the messages is higher than that of any other medium, around 19%.

That is why many startups find this form of communication attractive since it allows them to serve their customers or advertise their products more easily. This causes the need to develop a good communication strategy, in which a tool such as bulk SMS is a quick and easy way to communicate with users.

Bulk SMS, as its name suggests, is part of the process of sending a significant number of text messages (generally, with the same content) to a certain group of people. In other words, the same message is sent to a large number of people, who will receive said SMS on their mobile phone. But what can this do for us? For a lot!

Some of the greatest benefits of bulk SMS are reflected in the field of marketing. These text messages contain information about a product inside to promote and attract a select group of people from a certain market niche.  You will find a clear example in telephone companies, which send these messages to attract new customers. Another utility is observed in the field of information.

Bulk SMS has different uses for each sector, although the common denominator is customer acquisition and loyalty.

Here are some of the most frequent uses of Bulk SMS in diverse industries:

In e-commerce, SMS Marketing can be very useful to gain reliability in the purchase process. SMS can help e-commerce startups provide purchase confirmations, security control and verifications, and promotions and discounts. Everything to earn the customer's trust and contribute to their loyalty.

For clinics and hospitals, SMS Marketing can help good communication, both internally and externally. Externally, SMS are used for reminders, evidence collection notices, direct communication between the patient and the doctor, and service evaluations. Internally, they provide information on workers' shifts, report incidents, and contact suppliers.

Another very frequent use of SMS Marketing is in the communications of banking entities. The mobile phone helps banks to communicate with their customers, informing in real-time about their accounts, remembering payments and due dates, informing about promotions, and sending temporary PIN codes.

In the public sector startups, bulk SMS facilitates taxpayers' procedures, keeping them informed about their community's existing services. The accessibility that public entities have gained previously known for the difficulties of access and communication with users is very appreciable and positively valued by all citizens.

Finally, in the logistics sector startups, sending SMS has served to greatly improve all communications, helping to confirm shipments and orders and delivery notifications. SMS helps orders arrive earlier and more efficiently and help the customer customize when and how to receive their packages.

We know this is a lot of information to digest, but we hope that you will feel more inspired to try creating a Bulk SMS campaign on your own after reading it. This type of campaign is ideal for companies that are about to start their way in marketing. 

Even if you already have your strategies planned for other platforms, we assure you that your reach will be boosted like never before if you also integrate this platform with them. And of course, we hope you will always remember that everyone on the Nimbus Adcom team will be here, ready to support you whenever you need it. What we want most is to see you succeed!

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