IVR – The Best Way to Implement Exceptional Customer Service

There are several points to consider achieving a successful customer experience. Although some things seem obvious, we often forget them. In this text, we rescue some of them. These suggestions are useful both for companies and their collaborators, and they also explore specific technological solutions that transcend conventional forms of contact.

Do working conditions determine productivity?

When we offer a product or service, we repeat a typical phrase without exploring it in-depth and without thinking about its implications; that of "the customer is always right" works as a mantra when the final intention is to conclude a sale or get someone to decide on our service. However, this expression can be the subject of a little debate if we consider that the conditions of a job where we are permanently exposed to dealing with other people also affect the way of approaching a potential client. A work environment with clear rules, properly defined functions, established schedules and goals will mark the employee's commitment to the company. It is no less true that all of the above is related to the type of work. Let's explain it with concrete examples.

Let us first agree that it is not the same to work for a contact center in charge of managing health services or for a large food chain serving home orders; both jobs have their particularities, both have a typical consumer/user, and in both cases, a successful response is expected. This leads us to determine their commonalities.

Approach with certainty and empathy to improve the customer experience

Whoever is hungry seeks to satisfy it, and whoever has an ailment, to calm it down. The contact process should offer quick solutions that point the way forward or simplify it to achieve mutual satisfaction. Here we come across questions of the type through IVR service provider in Chennai; what do you suggest to me? Or, could you check if an appointment is available closer to the centre? We must be prepared to answer cheerfully without generating further doubts. 

Difficult clients and the importance of active listening

We must remember that behind the client served by phone or any contact module, an ordinary person may be having a bad time, desperate or simply going through a bad day. All of this translates into aggressive, violent or rude responses that must be fought with high doses of patience, kindness, and the ability to listen and understand. According to the Psychology and theory of mind, active listening is not listening without acting. Still, it refers to the ability to listen not only to what is verbally expressed but also to the feelings, ideas or thoughts underlying what is expressed. Passive listening, empathy is important to place oneself in the place of the other, but also emotional validation, acceptance and feedback, as it must be listened to without judging."

Avoid monotonous responses at all costs or in an equally aggressive tone. Remember that two evils never mean good. If in a few minutes we manage to develop a bond with the user that shows genuine interest and concrete solution alternatives, that aggressiveness will be transformed into thanks and apologies.

Leave problems at home

Those who work in customer service activities, such as those who seek to satisfy a certain need, have a life at home with its complications. Still, those dedicated to establishing daily relationships with people need to separate themselves for a moment from them. Knowing how to separate the family and work context requires discipline and organization. Respecting the hours of sleep or meals and practicing active breaks is essential for those who spend many hours in front of a computer or behind the speaker of a telephone. If you start to lose concentration, become aggressive or irritable due to some episode of your work, it is time to stop, get up for air or simply stretch your legs is a good practice.

Adequate leadership

Those who manage large groups of people in a call center should be guided by the statistics coming from formulas that establish efficiency, effectiveness, and satisfaction indicators of clients' experience, opportunities, and challenges. However, you must also repair simple but no less important errors: appropriate tone and vocabulary, since the company's success may depend on this. Knowing the business model and its stages are vital to understanding how and who can immediately solve a problem.

In addition, the person in charge of leading a customer service center or any IVR service provider in Chennai must trust his collaborators, delegating activities and functions according to their abilities is also a way of giving value to the work but above all important to the person, giving him decision-making capacity within the team will fill you with confidence, helping to maintain a healthy work environment.

Contact ability solutions with Artificial Intelligence

In 1935 Willy Müller invented the answering machine, a device connected to the telephone that reproduces a prerecorded message and allows the caller to record a voice message of a certain length; it was saved inside a tape to later be reproduced and answered through a call. 

Artificial intelligence is nothing more than the sustained evolution of this first mechanism.

Imagine now that all the complications inherent to human relationships were reduced to a minimum, thanks to the fact that computational mechanisms with specific response parameters manage to be supported and complemented in these communication processes where that of a machine does not replace the work of the human being. Still, thanks to its help, it reduces your workload, reduces stress, and avoids dealing with difficult clients who wear you down psychologically. It is one of the contact ability solutions offered by IVR systems. 

A good contact ability solution promotes an increasing degree of autonomy in the client. IVR is a constructability system that centralizes all the most used communication channels in social networks and web chat in a single platform, which facilitates and organizes the work of all your collaborators and strengthens their link with intelligent agents.

Consequently, you will also improve the work environment avoiding unnecessary conflict situations, entrusting your work team to solve specific problems in which the human being is essential. Several mechanisms that put technology at the service of human beings are necessary today. However, many times it is only necessary to take the first step.

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