IVR (Interactive Voice Response)

What is IVR?

IVR is an Interactive Voice Response. IVR is a popular and latest technology that accepts voice telephone input and keypad input. It provides appropriate responses in the form of voice, fax, callback, email & database access. So, it makes the possible interaction between computer and humans through the use of voice and dual-tone-multi-frequency (DTMF) signals. We can easily illustrate the logical and physical structure of the IVR call system. IVR allows individuals to access voice mail, message delivery, automated phone surveys and information lines etc.

DISADVANTAGES of IVR (Interactive Voice Response)


  • Menus are too long.
  • There's too much information.
  • Voice prompts are hard to understand.
  • Duplicate calls and information.
  • ASR (Automatic Speech Recognition) repeats the answer by the caller and asks to confirm by speaking a YES or NO.
  • Being on hold for long times to speak.

NIMBUS IT SOLUTIONS has provided the best quality of work on IVR. They committed to helping you to achieve high efficiency and a strategic competitive advantage and cost reductions in your business. They are helping you with the setting up of virtual numbers is part of our mobile marketing services.

NIMBUS IT SOLUTIONS has excellent links ups with VoiP and telecom operators and we will arrange to set up a virtual number for you.

ADVANTAGES of NIMBUS IVR (Interactive Voice Response)

  • Lower cost significantly
  • Maintain service levels
  • Higher Levels of Automation
  • Increase call handling capacity
  • Automate Repetitive Response
  • Enhance Information Services
  • Scale without adding manpower
  • 24x7 customer availability
  • Better customer experience
  • Better call conferencing facility

IVR (Interactive Voice Response) BENEFITS TO


  • Improved Customer Service
  • Staff freed for more complex work.
  • Low cost and full functionality
  • Centralized and Branch Controlled
  • Simple Installation
  • Works on dedicated Telephone Service or through a PBX
  • Interface to all Host Computers
  • Full Call Logging and Reporting
  • Reliability and Redundancy
  • Reducing Staffing Cost
  • Faster Response Times
  • Save International Cost

IVR (Interactive Voice Response) BENEFITS TO CUSTOMERS

  • No queuing for an operator
  • Fast
  • Direct presentation of enquiry
  • 24x7 availability
  • Privacy of information
  • Reduced fixed Information
  • Redirection to operator
  • Callers benefits by spending less time on hold.

COMMON APPLICATION OF IVR(Interactive Voice Response)

  • Telephone Banking
  • Bill Paying
  • Booking for Cabs and Couriers
  • Locator for Service Branch or Branch
  • Auto-Attended Systems for directory assistance
  • Fax on demand for technical support information
  • Messages Recording
  • Information Hotlines
  • Interactive system giving public transport schedule on command
  • Outbound Dialing
  • Automatic customer service systems for checking order status
  • And more..
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