Here is The Reasons Why Your Business Requires The Integrated Services of IVR

IVR solutions have evolved to the point that today we wonder how we could manage without these voice services that simplify, much more than we admit, the relationships and interactions between companies and their customers.

➡️ From simple Call to Building True Customer Journeys

It must be said that the IVR has evolved thanks considerably, on the one hand, to the convergence between telephony and computing and, on the other hand, to the simplification of the tools to create services based on the telephone. Beyond its main purpose, to classify the incoming call flows (to speak to the commercial department press 1, for troubleshooting press 2, etc.) and distribute them more effectively among the available agents, IVR technology today allows you to build truly interactive customer journeys. These tours seamlessly combine the phone, which remains the preferred entry point for consumers, with other channels such as email, text messages, or self-service tools that use speech synthesis and recognition, or the phone keys.

What has changed radically is the ability to easily configure these tours in a 100% visual and graphical interface, without the need for programming knowledge or special technical skills. Now it is possible to design the customer journey directly on the screen without immersing yourself in the complexities of the automatic call distribution system. For sales, marketing, or customer service teams, this makes a big difference. The other advantage of this type of interface is that it is very easy to create a new IVR for a specific or even temporary use or evolve an existing IVR, either to adapt it to its needs or the new uses of consumers.

Direct Access to the Right Person or Service via IVR Service Provider in Bangalore

The development of mobile applications is also contributing to the renewal of IVR technology. Since most customers now have a smartphone, it is possible to offer users a visual and tactile representation of the IVR. Instead of listening to the often tedious list of options of a traditional IVR, the user selects the service that interests him directly on the screen. The experience is much less frustrating for the user, as the estimated wait time to speak to an agent can easily be displayed on the screen or offers the customer the option of calling you back. This means more efficient pre-sorting of incoming calls and optimized management of queues and therefore contacts center agent time.

➡️ Three Reasons why your Business Requires IVR Services

1. Optimize the time of the advisers

Employee time is much more expensive than machine time. The more the requests received are classified through a succession of options with different filters, the more likely it is that the customer's call will reach the right person, namely: the most qualified advisor to respond to such available requests. In this way, the agent can go straight to the point at the time of connection: the reason for the request and its resolution. Although it is difficult to avoid preliminary questions aimed at verifying the customer's identity and confirming their problem, IVR service provider in Bangalore helps increase the "employee uptime" that agents spend solving customer problems.

2. Control the Staff by Developing Vocal Self-Service

Recent studies show that for some types of lawsuits, consumers prefer to deal with an agent. This is often the case when seeking advice or resolving customer service issues. On the other hand, many requests for information can be satisfied with automated services directed to the customer through the IVR.

3. Improve the Customer Experience

Waiting on the phone is one of the major reasons for customer dissatisfaction. As such, an IVR does not contribute directly to reducing wait times, but, as we have seen, it allows prequalification of calls to reduce processing times, regardless of the number of requests, and even to delegate attention to a bot, with so the waiting time will be non-existent. It also makes it possible to objectify the waiting time by announcing it to the customer, who can choose whether or not to wait, knowingly, or opt for another route that offers other options.

The possibilities of IVR service provider in Bangalore are almost endless these days. Still, the key to a successful customer experience is always allowing the customer to contact an agent, preventing them from becoming impatient or despairing. The key, therefore, is to design an IVR that makes automated services as attractive as services provided by human agents.
Here at Nimbus Adcom, the advantage that current tools give us is that we can pragmatically design these services and refine or deepen the different scenarios according to the needs or circumstances. These advances relegate (or should permanently relegate) to oblivion the exasperating situations that we have all experienced when we have wanted to solve a problem through a call, and we have been trapped in a maze of endless waiting and constant transfer of our demand from one department to another without getting a solution. Connect with us today to give your business a unique way to communicate with clients. 

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