Bulk Email vs Spam: Know the Difference and Increase Engagement Rate

Email marketing has become a very important means of maintaining relationships with your customers, both current and potential. Therefore, we will analyze them so that you know how to make the best use of them, and we will tell you about the best programs to carry them out.
Bulk email is sending the same email to a considerably high number of recipients that you obtain from your database, with the aim that the reader ends up making a purchase, subscription, or visiting a specific site. Of course, to make this type of shipment, the user must have previously expressed their consent.

Thanks to segmentation, it is used above all to launch marketing campaigns to our entire audience or to the group that interests us.

Bulk Email vs Spam: what's the difference?

Eye! When we talk about bulk mailing, we are not referring to Spam. We must differentiate them. With Bulk email, it is sent to a list of subscribers who have shown their agreement to have this type of email sent to them. So that your shipments do not end up in the spam folder, you must follow good email marketing practices and take into account and comply with the data protection regulation, which means that:

- The recipient must always have accepted the consent to receive your emails.
- The consent must be worded.
- When the email has several purposes, consent must be given to all of them.
- The one who signs will have the right to withdraw their consent at any time.

How to send bulk emails without spamming

If you have a company and want to get in touch with all your contacts, you may have wondered what you can do so that the email you are proceeding to forward does not land up in the spam section. These tips can help you:

Use a program

Trust us; bulk mailing programs solve your life. You cannot imagine the amount of work and time you can save thanks to these. Almost all of them have predesigned templates that you can use as the basis of your email, so you don't need to start designing everything yourself. Or yes, you can count on them or make the design from scratch yourself. It's up to you!
They allow you to manage your contacts and segment them if you want to vary your communications, monitor the results and act on them in the future.

The consent

Before you start sending emails like crazy, you first need to have your users' consent to be able to do so. Without it, you will be sending unsolicited emails. And that things come to us that we do not want, because of our faces, we do not like. What happens when this happens? That we mark it as Spam. And that, my friend, is what we don't want. So the recipients better accept it beforehand.


Would you open an email that someone who calls himself ABC123@XYZ sends you? No right? Because it does not generate security and because there is no way to recognize who it is. We prefer to open emails that include a personal name in the "from" section. It is best to send them from an address that contains your name and your brand name, realname@brand.

No capital letters, better

When we use capital letters on the internet, we seem to scream. If we receive an email with the subject in capital letters (and if it contains the word "free" or "money" on it), oh oh, it smells of desperation…! So try to avoid them.

The Picture

We advise you to take care of the typography and the visible part of all your emails that everything is consistent. The unevenness of colors, sizes, photos, etc. It gives us the feeling that the sender is disorganized and little concerned with the aesthetics of his product. Also, try not to include multimedia files. Users may not have the display option enabled, so you will give an image of carelessness if they are not visible or not working correctly.

Send bulk emails without the recipients being seen

Before making a shipment to many recipients, you should know the use of the blind copy (Bcc) field, which serves so that the recipients cannot see the addresses of others. You must take this into account because you will commit illegality if you do not do so. After all, it violates the law on protecting personal data and has a penalty.

These exceptional tips on Bulk Email will save your time and help you receive better engagement rate. Although, sending bulk email sounds like way too much work; therefore, you must hire the people who have the ability to make it seem like an easy task aka Nimbus IT Solutions. Feel free to communicate with our experts regarding the bulk email strategies and engage with your customers with the accurate way. 

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