Finest delivery rates and low cost – Here’s how SMS API works for your business

SMS API is a way to integrate SMS into your business and offers a reliable way to send messages to customers using a platform. Thanks to SMS Gateway, companies can send information directly through text messages to their customers from their program without leaving it. They can even enjoy two-way and real communication with them; by getting a virtual number, you will allow your users to answer, and thus, companies will be able to receive quick responses from them.
Nimbus IT Solutions has its API, through which the integration of SMS Gateway in your software becomes a simple and fast operation. Companies manage to send bulk SMS and SMS individually, directly from the management program, CRM or application.

The advantages of using our Best SMS API Services

With this professional solution, you can automate all types of SMS shipments very easily, and it helps you stay in contact with your customers and improve after-sales service. SMS Gateway is a fast and comfortable service since it allows you to send information to your clients directly from your software without leaving it. For this same reason, by not having to use anything external, it becomes a quick tool, where you do not have to export your contact lists to import them into the Bulk SMS platform.

The value of SMS in the Hospitality Industry or by any sector at all

The travel industry is going mobile. Currently, the number of mobile subscribers exceeds the total world population. If you are interested in reaching new guests or customers, SMS Marketing can help you achieve your goals. Here are three ways to use SMS to increase customer traffic and loyalty.

Offer exclusive benefits to returning customers

Some hotels are running special discounts or discount programs for frequent customers. Suppose you have a rewards program or are thinking of creating one to increase loyalty. In that case, SMS Marketing can help you share messages and important information with your VIP clients by sending them personalized SMS. It can be used in countless ways; for instance, presenting a decent offer of free nights stay to returning customers. Another option is to have a points system that allows customers to return to your hotel, obtain prizes or discounts in a personalized way.

Make things simpler and more comfortable

Another approach is to think of automated SMS that comes with the Best SMS API Services to simplify things for customers. It gives your customers the opportunity to receive communications regarding check-in, check out, room service, on-site events, etc. If your clients visit your hotel on a business trip or vacation, they will appreciate your proactive approach to communication. This helps reduce worry about travel schedules - no one wants to keep an eye on the calendar on vacation!

Share last-minute offers with potential customers

If you are interested in connecting with new customers, SMS Marketing can help you reach them. Many hotels are beginning to explore using geolocation technology to create more targeted campaigns. For example, you could consider a perimeter in a certain area, and when customers enter that perimeter, they receive a special offer. So it is a good idea to take advantage of SMS Marketing to share last minute offers and thus capture the attention of a particular audience. As we can see, SMS Marketing can be used in a wide variety of ways to build customer loyalty.

The above hospitality industry example is a metaphor. The SMS API Services are reliable and easy to use by real estate, telecommunications, retail & service industry, and almost anyone.
The sense of immense security with SMS API Services

2-step verification

The mobile has become an essential part of our day today. We use our smartphones to connect to social networks, access our bank account, make purchases online, but is it safe to perform such action through our device? The verification in 2 steps gives security to these new uses made of mobile phones since the user has to certify that they are who they say they are and that they are authorized to operate in the accounts in which they are registered.

Two-step verification is a system that is as simple as it is effective, where the customer enters their username and password and then receives a pin code on their mobile phone to complete the process. For the two-step verification process to be accepted by the customer, it must be quick and easy to use. You have to make the user experience the best possible.

2-step verification, a double security and trust system for your customers

The two-step verification process has established itself as a stable and efficient verification system, as long as the user controls the passwords and uses their devices and personal accounts. On the other hand, the SMS channel is also one of the safest.

The reliability of the sending, the delivery of the messages and the process that can be carried out through any mobile network are essential requirements for this system, which is why it is more important than usual to opt for an adequate Bulk SMS platform that works properly. 
Our Best SMS API Services help you manage the status of Bulk SMS and offer complete security, and it is integrated easily and quickly. And finally, its cost can be one of the greatest advantages of this service since it is much easier and cheaper than creating and sending a letter or email to the client.

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