Email Marketing: The revolution in communication and How it helps your business?

If email is nothing new, then why is email marketing giving so much to talk about? In a world in which we are increasingly connected, email has become the star of digital media.

Email marketing is one of the most effective communication tools that your company has. The purpose of email marketing is to turn the user into a friend and the friend into a customer searching for their loyalty to turn them into a prescriber of the company or its products and/or services. 
The email is usually sent to subtly persuade the user to take action favorable to the company's interests, such as a purchase or a recommendation, among others. Therefore, email marketing is a direct communication tool that the company can use to inform the user of its offers and news.
It is based on the massive sending of information for commercial and/or informative purposes to a group of users previously subscribed to such service from a list of duly segmented addresses located in a database owned by the company. Thus, it is possible to carry out an exclusive and personalized offer for each user simply and immediately.

Objectives of email marketing in businesses:

The main objectives of email marketing with the following:
• Establish close and regular communication with the user.
• Increase the volume of sales.
• Generate cross-sell opportunities.
• Generate or increase the recognition of the company.
• Obtain information about the target audience of the company to segment it effectively.
• Obtain loyalty and loyalty.

How email marketing help businesses?

Direct and non-invasive communication channel

The user is prone to read the mail, having given his authorization to receive it. By subscribing, you become a consumer of the company's news, and therefore you will be up to date with their news.

A direct relationship with the user allows obtaining information about the user and their needs, later used for adequate segmentation.

Thanks to the information obtained by the user, it is possible to detect errors in the campaign and make modifications to the content of the messages to correct them quickly, conveniently, and economically.


It allows creating quality personalized campaigns, focused demographically or based on interests, tastes, beliefs, and/or hobbies according to the information obtained and directing actions to a specific type of profile, directly reaching the company's target audience.
It enables direct, simple, fast, economical, and effective communication, applying specific strategies or messages and varying the design of the message depending on the type of user it is addressed to.


It requires a shorter period of time than ordinary mail. It allows you to effectively reach a properly segmented audience and generate an immediate response.

A newsletter or a personalized email can induce the user to act, be it a request for information or purchase. Quickly reach the user, interact with him, frequently arrive by repeating and insisting, and execute a sale.


The number of recipients can be unlimited, and it is even possible to carry out a communication campaign on a global scale.


It has a low cost, allowing the company to focus its concerns on what to say and when instead of on economic aspects. By means of a simple Internet connection, a database, a specific program, and a person in charge of the management, it is possible to send newsletters or personalized emails to many users simultaneously.


By periodically sending quality, relevant and useful content to the user, the email will be opened without regard to information about news or trends about the company since this is the reason for their subscription.


It allows knowing results in real-time, obtaining the return on investment or ROI through analysis and statistics that facilitate the opening percentages or number of clicks, among others.

In this way, it is possible to measure the effectiveness of the messages issued quickly, usually in a maximum of two days, thus helping to develop and improve sales strategies for the company.

How companies get results with email marketing?

If you want to avoid the negative effect, you just have to follow these five steps in all your emailing campaigns:

Work on recruitment: Design attractive subscription forms to get the longed-for email addresses and write content relevant to your target audience.

Segment your mailing list: Define your buyer persona. and divide your contacts according to the customer profile.

Be creative in your designs and messages: Personalize and differentiate yourself from your competitors. Coordinate your content marketing strategy along with email marketing.

Analyze the results: It is very important that you set some metrics in advance to measure the success of your campaign.

Optimize your campaign: Use the results to adapt and improve your future campaigns.

Do you find it complicated? The truth is that if you want to do things properly and also be competitive, you must have a professional bulk email marketing platform. You can start and upgrade your subscription, so you don't miss out on any of the options it offers.

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