Strategies that Deliver the Desired Results through Bulk Email Services

Some Bulk Email tools allow you to know which content is the most accepted by your subscribers and when it is better to send your messages, taking into account metrics in the reports, such as open and unsubscribe rates. Thus, every time you can reach your community in a more personalized, fast, and efficient way through this technique.

If you want to build loyalty and convert your followers into customers, you must put yourself in their shoes. Start by building an emotional bond with your Subscribers by creating your Campaigns with a friendly and close tone. This will take us to the next point since we all seek to establish close and affectionate relationships with brands, get on the train.

For instance, when sales are generated in your online store, it is boring to send an email that says "your package has been shipped," so you could try adding an animated image to show the celebration that the product is on its way.

You must create exciting subjects because you have few seconds to catch the Subscribers with this title. The subject should encourage you to open the mail. Be transparent and trust, concise and clear; remember that less is more!

Undoubtedly, Bulk Email is one of the most efficient tools for transforming leads into customers or making them loyal after they have made a conversion. However, other techniques can be integrated into your mailing strategy to help you obtain better results and achieve your goals. Take note!

The Client: Priority #1

The shopping experience is defined by all interactions between the brand and the customer; the user wants it to guide and assist him through the customer journey until making a purchase or a specific action.

Details that matter in Bulk Email Services

One of the first steps a potential customer takes is to subscribe to your newsletters, promotions, and other relevant information. Now, imagine that after your subscription, you receive an email piece with a practical guide on using a product, an app, or how to make your payments online. Interesting, right?

Taking care of the small details, you have with your client can help you create engagement, allowing the relationship between the user and the brand to be long-term. Take advantage of the approach you have with your community to provide all the facilities that may interest you: offer you a call, give you personalized training, among others.

Be Constant

Send automated emails! The Bulk Email does not act in response to a specific action but allows you to send emails automatically on dates of your choice, depending on your goals. Define a particular date every certain period, so your clients and prospects will be eagerly waiting for relevant information that you have for them.

Other ways to provide customer service can be:

  • Add links to your Welcome Email campaigns.
  • Suggest complementary information or products.
  • Propose products or services that your customers have previously purchased.
  • Offer assistance or help for your users to complete an action.

If your content is valuable and relevant, surely users will share it on their social networks, and thus, you will be able to reach more contacts. Telling emotional stories is a great alternative or providing customer testimonials. 

Don't include multiple calls to action in the same piece. If your Campaign is full of different products, it may be confusing users. Be specific. Ideally, you should describe the characteristics of the products and mention the benefit they will obtain from obtaining each of them. Focus on promoting sales and offers with a specific expiration date. This will create urgency and keep your audience attentive.

By entering the reports, you will know the days of the week and the hours in which the transaction volume reaches its maximum. Send your emails with this pattern, and your contacts will be more willing to receive them. Segment your audience using the information you know about them, such as their interests or purchase history. Then, based on the characteristics they have in common, group them and generate messages that specifically respond to their needs.

Another tip is that if you customize your Campaigns, you can combine the Automation function.

The Email Automation will help you automatically schedule shipments that meet specific criteria. For example, every time a user subscribes to your newsletter or on the birthday of your clients.

Combining traditional Bulk Email with Transactional Emails will enhance your online store. These emails are made after the user has visited a particular section of your website or viewed a specific product. They are the result of the interaction between the consumer and a page or application.

You should do several things when planning your strategy for your online store, but it is worth it. Combine the three email features! By starting to unite Bulk Email with customer service, they will know a unique experience with your brand. As a result, they will receive all the assistance they need and feel confident in choosing you over the competition.

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