How to Attract Customers and Get Quality Leads Through SMS Marketing? Find Out.

What SMS marketing strategies do you use to ensure the generation of qualified leads and boost your company’s growth? Knowing how to attract potential customers is essential, especially when we talk about a purchase process that is no longer always done impulsively.

Consumers are increasingly demanding and have more excellent investigation and decision power, ignoring what they do not consider attractive. Thus, lead generation appears as one of the most effective methods to ensure a lasting and robust relationship between the firm and the customer.

In short, leads are business opportunities for your company. They are users who provided contact details, such as name, email, and phone, in exchange for a value offer, such as helpful content, evaluation, and tools.

That is to say; these are people who have already shown interest in the subject of your company and who, probably, will want to know more about what it has to offer them, both in terms of products or services offered and in knowledge.

Then, the company needs to be attentive to lead the potential customer in the best way during the time of purchase. This is because, generally, it is looking for a large amount of information and, for your company to be chosen in the end, it is necessary to produce engaging and relevant content to guide it throughout the process.

Why use SMS marketing to connect with your customers?

One of the main advantages of SMS marketing is that the open rate of SMS is 94%, and 90% of them are opened within the first 3 seconds. In this way, your Bulk SMS strategies can be much more effective if used to improve your emails, not replace them.

These are some of the times when having a SMS marketing strategy can help you:

1. Reminders:

Reminders by text message can complement, for example, a purchase or shipping confirmation text. If your customers have already received an email with the details of their purchase, receiving other text information on the day of their reservation or to confirm the shipment can overwhelm your users.

A text message in these situations can be the best way to communicate an update in real-time. For most people, a mobile device is available all the time, making an SMS notification even more valuable if you want to communicate with your customers immediately.

2. Alerts:

Sometimes, with more urgent situations, SMS has the advantage of immediacy to inform your customers, unlike email.

For example, they serve to notify your users immediately if security-related actions have been taken on their account if there is a public safety announcement or any relevant update in nearby areas.

These alerts are common when changing the password or account information if you try to make a payment in an unusual way to your customers' usual behavior, etc. Also, the most effective way to convey sensitive information is via text message.

Another benefit is that these types of notices can be programmed and customized to your users' preferences, either with a weekly notice of bank movements or with the relevant data of the account information.  

3. Confirmations:

Generally, people expect to receive confirmation messages, either by email or text message, after placing an order online or updating their account.

This is mainly because it allows them to feel safe, know that your company has received their order, or that the user's changes were made correctly.

What happens if a customer no longer uses your email address? Or maybe the confirmation is sent to the spam tray? With an SMS, you can add an extra layer of communication and ensure that the information reaches your target successfully.

Finally, you can also enable SMS options and allow users to choose the medium they use most frequently or where they would like to receive their confirmations. Some will prefer that the information is stored in the email to review it whenever necessary, and others, the speed of an SMS due to their dizzying lifestyle.

4. Promotions:

This strategy is usually the favorite due to the audiences' great receptivity, the incomparable open rates, and the speed with which they reach users. When there is a shopping cart with products, an SMS can remind them that they cannot miss that purchase.

It is a way to create a sense of urgency and inspire immediate action. It also offers your business a valuable opportunity to turn one-way marketing into a two-way conversation.

Innovation and flexibility

People are using more and more communication channels to stay informed, contact their close people, and update on their preferred brands. For these reasons, as companies, we must innovate and venture into all channels where customers are.

If you want to start connecting with your customers, it will be precious to have a communication strategy that uses SMS marketing that ends up providing exceptional business leads.

Not only so that users feel heard, but to be able to receive their experiences, comments, and feedbacks that help you continuously improve and always offer them the best services and products.

Finally, remember: the market is full of opportunities, and it is necessary to know how to take advantage of them. In this way, do not stop investing in the conquest of potential clients because that can be your business's excellent capital gain.

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