NIMBUS Benefits of E-Commerce Business for Retailers

E-Commerce means Electronic Commerce or EC.

Electronic Commerce is a system of advance business which addresses the need of business organisations/ company. It is a commercial and certified service provider electronically on the internet. It is also a division of trade or production, which deals with the purchasing, selling and exchanging good and services or electronic funds or data transfer from the producer to the final customer over an electronic network.

Today era, the eCommerce industry need increases day day day and giving an accurate & positive result on customer choice, need, and satisfactions. So, every person wants and searched for starting the online store where they can sell their range of products and services because online business grows more day by day. One can get a lot of benefits and profits in the eCommerce Industry and it delivers a summarised range of benefits to retailers and customers.

E-Commerce advantages can be broadly classified into three major categories:

  • Advantages to Organizations
  • Advantages to Consumers
  • Advantages to Society

Positive Postulates of E-Commerce Business

  1. It is one and best way to increase your business statistics regularly and getting good and impressive results.

      ii. It  is the direct selling between the company and customers.

     iii. It  always proves better in front of customers happiness and satisfaction

Why We Use E-Commerce Business???????????

  • Low ENTRY cost.Access to the GLOBAL AREA NETWORK
  • Reduces Transaction Cost.
  • Secure and Safe Market Share
  • Increase benefits in the business sale.
  • Ability to be open 24/7 hours.

NIMBUS Benefits of E-Commerce Business FOR RETAILER

Whenever you start a new business, you want to promote and expand your business, services and offers around the world. There is no direct provision to do popularise your business. NIMBUS has a solution to launch and promote your services, brand, company and offers. The following services are:-


  • It is fastest, cheapest, affordable and reliable way.
  • It covers all the areas across all over the world.
  • It will help us to improve the business by promoting messages / publicity campaigns.
  • Easy recharge for your SMS credit and unlimited validity of your account.
  • It delivers anytime and anywhere to different telecommunication operator networks using the same charge rate without any barrier of an area or a location.
  • You can re-edit and re-use previously sent messages whenever you wish to do so because your message will save in your delivery reports.
  • Allowing users to create wish lists. 
  • The user creates targeted communication
  • Remain Open All the Time


  • Financially savvy and reasonable
  • Provides quantifiable results
  • It is controllable
  • Cost-effective and affordable
  • Retrieve your dormant clients
  • It allows you to build a relationship with your customers and potential customers.
  • Clearly, identify yourself and your company services.
  • Allowing users to create wish lists. 
  • Create Targeted Communication

Benefits of E-Commerce Services For Customers

  • No queue
  • Easy access 24/7 hours
  • Less and effective cost.
  • Shipping anywhere in the world.
  • A wide selection to cater for all consumers.
  • Offer a way to opt out
  • Offer Free Credits to Customers
  • Focus on delighting Loyal Customers
  • Ensure complete customer satisfaction




NIMBUS BULK SMS and BULK EMAIL Marketing is the key to E-Commerce Business Success.


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