The Concepts of Marketing and Sales and New Trends to Present Exceptional customer experiences

We know that Customer Experience is not a trend and that it should be at the heart of every company, from the development of its products to the design of its SMS marketing and strategy.
However, we are seeing new approaches in the conceptualization of the customer experience. The concepts of marketing and sales, while still valuable to illustrate specific processes, no longer follow such a linear logic. Technology changes, culture changes, and strategies to provide the best customer experience must accommodate those changes.

Some New Trends in Customer Experience through Bulk SMS services 

The Inverted Conversion 

There are different types of SMS marketing and sales strategies: conversion (to express the passage from visitors to leads and from leads to qualified leads), marketing and sales (attraction-consideration-decision-purchase). They are generally presented as a process directed from the widest to the narrowest part, where only the customers who consume the product decide. And although Bulk SMS in Noida continues to work to define different strategies, in reality, it is limited to represent what happens with customers and their relationship with the company.

On the one hand, because the process does not have an end; on the other hand, when the sale is finalized, and the product or service is acquired, a new process begins, linked to the customer's experience. A loyalty stage is passed to achieve customer retention and eventual up-selling, and finally, recommendation. The customer advances in a new conversion and becomes a brand "ambassador," a loyal customer who chooses us again and we also recommend the strategies of Bulk SMS in Noida.

Marketing doesn't end when the sale takes place: everything starts over again (in addition, it is more profitable to keep a customer than to acquire a new one).

This is called a reverse conversion strategy and can be exemplified by a restaurant customer who, delighted with his experience, returns home with a very positive review on Facebook. The restaurant receives this good recommendation and sends the customer a courtesy discount for their subsequent consumption. These types of actions should not be isolated or random (that is, we have just seen the review); but to be systematized and, better still, automated.

The Concept of Marketing and Sales - From Customer Journey to Bulk SMS Marketing Approach 

One of the new schemes to represent the customer journey is the bulk SMS in Noida. It applies to the world of sales. It represents the confluence of attraction, desire, and engagement, which make the consumer advance and grow (as long as there are no frictions in their experience, which should be avoided/eliminated).

Rather than a simple technique where you move from marketing to sales to consumers, the bulk SMS in Noida connects marketing, sales and service and puts the consumer at the center of the support. Loyalty is the axis of the strategy, and it is achieved by having 360 visibilities of customer-company interactions, from the first contact to after the sale.

New Concepts in Customer Journey

From a Trip to Cycle

The Customer Life Cycle includes other types of contact with the company beyond Marketing and Sales: customer service, technical support, collections. When thinking about the Life Cycle, marketing actions are not oriented only to convert strangers into leads and leads into customers; but to build solid and long-term relationships with the company's consumers, adding value at each stage of the process.

Customer-First Mindset

Just as marketing is present in the lead acquisition stages, the Customer Experience also transcends the actions of the customer service team. Even when a company has an area specially designed to optimize the customer experience, it makes a qualitative leap in this direction. The entire company must have a Customer-First mindset.

Customer-First is not a specific action; it is a work methodology, a culture, and an attitude of the entire company team: salespeople, intermediaries, product designers, community managers... Each one can contribute or influence the experience of the client. Therefore, when conceiving the customer's journey or life cycle, it should be done from their point of view, and think about how the company can improve to ensure a pleasant journey. It is the company that adapts to the customer, not the other way around.

Simpler Omnichannel

Many companies have failed at this point, not for lack of technology but lack of strategy. For not focusing on the customer journey, Instead of simplifying the journey, they frustrate it by adding unnecessary channels and steps or having the resources to serve appropriately.
Today the trend points to a simple omnichannel, where contact channels have Bulk SMS in Noida services with valuable attention and facilitate the entire journey of users. By integrating all interactions on a single platform, you can get a good idea of your customers' needs, concerns, and desires.

Hyper Personalized Experience

Customers in the digital age want agile, frictionless, and highly personalized experiences. This ranges from generating specific campaigns for certain audience profiles and newsletters with the user's name; to propose offers based on their previous purchases.

Sooner or later, all companies have had to adapt their marketing and sales processes to the digital age. The digitization of the customer experience is not something new, but neither is it a thing of the past: transformation and adaptation do not happen once and for all. Most companies continue to work on initiatives that improve the digital experience of customers. At Nimbus Dial, by becoming a new customer, our digital transformation services will provide continuous adjustments and improvements to guarantee an excellent experience, both for customers and the company's team.

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