BYOD (Bring Your Own Device)


BYOD that it is the practice of allowing the students of a school to use their own computers, smartphones, or other devices for teaching and learning purposes. It means to bring your device,i.e. Laptops, Mobile phones, Tablets, iPads etc. It is an innovative ideas to spread the knowledge to everyone within seconds of seconds. Therefore, the use in education can be very beneficial as well as troublesome. Of course, monitored by teachers, it can prove those benefits. Bring Your Own Device program supports the attributes of a learner and facilitates pedagogy in a twenty-first-century classroom.

Today’s generation of students is unlike any other. These little digital natives and their beloved mobile devices are attached at the hip. They are always living in a multimedia world. They are also used as primarily visual learners. They learn through trial and error. They are constantly connected. They are easily accessible information.. Therefore, as our society continues to become more and more gadget addicted, BYOD in schools (bring your own device) becomes inevitable. If, you are going to face a wave of devices coming to the school wireless network, whether you like it or not. The times are changing and education must change with it. Yes, BYOD in schools seems unavoidable, but there are many benefits a successful BYOD solution can provide.

BYOD will bring authentic learning to students, encourage critical thinking, collaboration, communication, global awareness, be encouraging students to be more engaged, motivated, and have the ability to be a self-directed learner. BYOD may also change the look and feel of a formal classroom when personal devices are always within reach.

Benefits of BYOD in school wireless networks:-

  • Workforce ready students
  • Collaboration is easier
  • Learning beyond the classroom walls
  • Personalized instruction
  • Cost Savings
  • Gamification
  • Education more interactive
  • Increased Engagement
  • Student and Teacher swap roles
  • EBooks

Advantages of Bring-Your-Own-Device (BYOD) in School Education

  • It frees up tonnes expenditure in educational costs.
  • It provides a big teaching arsenal for teachers, allowing students to view e-textbooks, videos, educational apps, online research, digital learning apps, etc. This type of provision allows reinforced ideas and teachings, and blends the learning.
  • It is less confusing , since the student can use the device at school or at home.
  • It will provide a major way for students to understand the apps much better, make better use of projects (and actually accomplish a good grade), and make learning more fun.
  • It is filtering software becoming available to break some disadvantages, which are listed next.
  • It makes learning more efficient. Students are more wired into technology, so the efficiency of learning would be better for students of all types.
  • The teacher can have their own subscription to the service, while the students utilize their subscription. The students enter the answers or project data, and it can be automatically graded and sent to the teacher.
  • It makes easier for scoring, saves a lot of time grading, and boosts efficiency even more.
  • It brings educational games can be developed which correspond to the learning program and make it more fun for those student gamers talked about above.
  • It is able to instantly send results from government checking units, which may see the quality of education through these digitized classrooms. This could provide the way for even better apps to be developed, more schools to take on the philosophy, and improvement of technology in the classroom.
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