The School is the most important place where children spend more over time to learn so much value of education and gains good habitual manners.   A School  is the best medium to maintain / communicate, how to build the best relationship between with their parents,  teachers, friends and society.

I feel and as a parent’s concern, I understand all parents are always worried and face some problems with their child due to the busy schedule of jobs and daily routine life:-

  1. If a child is going to school alone, he / she reached or not.

  2. Parents want their child academic performance daily / weekly / monthly.

  3. Parents want to access their child exam results anytime and anywhere.

  4. Few parents want to be involved directly in the school / colleges on a daily basis, to communicate with their teachers.

  5. Parents want to learn how to best interface with the school and their student's classroom teacher(s).

Schools have no solution to the above said problems. As parent's life itself is full of the busy schedule and even they don't have the efficient time to go to school on a regular basis to check the academic performance and achievement of their ward. So personalized SMS  is the best solution which we can provide.

NIMBUS IT Solutions have a solution of above queries arising from a parent.

NIMBUS BULK SMS SERVICE is the best communication way to reach the school,  information about their children within seconds of seconds.

BULK SMS Service is providing the facility of Transactional SMS.  Moreover, schools used this service on a daily basis and they solved 95% of  the parent’s query positively.

  • Day to Day Attendance Report  either child is absent or present.

  • Weekly or monthly Progress reports to parents using Transactional SMS.

  • Automated Urgent Holiday notices/ Alerts.

  • A Reminder to parents about their ward to get lower grades in an examination.

  • Allowing Parents/Guardians  to access Exam results from SMS.

  • Send Examination Schedule updates.

  • Examination/Test results to be sent to Parents/Guardians.

  • Communication with Teachers/ Admin Staff at an affordable cost.

  • A Reminder to parents about upcoming school circulars/ PTM.


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