What Reasons that make Bulk SMS A Better Market Strategy??

Bulk SMS is the medium for spreading information all over the world within a second that helps you to expand or promote your business. It is a beneficial marketing tool offers several distinct advantages over other media like TV, radio, magazines, newspapers and internet. It also helps to promote your brand, product, quality, offers, and services etc.

Bulk SMS A Better Market Strategy

Bulk SMS are the most cost-effective service that helps you to inform news, brand promotions or activities for your business directly to the right target of your customers. It is the fastest, cheapest, affordable and reliable way.

Unfortunately, your product or services are good & best. But sometimes, you fail to promote it effectively and your service does not reach your targeted customers. Due to the omission of expected or required action, then your business tends to fail miserably.

The concept of Bulk SMS is a successful marketing strategy because it has a much higher and quick response rate as compared Bulk E-Mails. Today, a recent survey, 95% of messages are read by the customers and hence they have much higher interest and quick response than other several mobile marketing strategies


NIMBUS BULK SMS is the cheapest method of mass communication. It is the easy and time-saving way. You can easily communicate with multiple people at the same time through Bulk SMS services. The bulk SMS process, firstly all the BULK SMS sent to the server and stay for seconds and further they directly transfer to different registered members or targeted audience. Those who remaining out of the phone network zone gets soon as possible as they enter the mobile network zone and those others have switched off their mobile phones and they receives the message instantly when they switch on the mobile phone.



Bulk SMS is the easiest, fastest, cheapest and reliable way to send customized bulk SMS messages . It allows you to calculate the impact of your sent messages and also you can easily generate delivery reports. BULK SMS services take seconds only to deliver messages to thousands of clients. As reliability is the most vital thing when you looking for Bulk SMS Services Provider.



Today Telemedia is the more expensive way to promote yourself and your company promotions. Printing & publishing ads also cost more and don’t give you satisfactory results that you want & look for. But you can achieve your target that you feel or want i.e. BULK SMS. You can make use of bulk SMS software available in the market and can take control over the SMS marketing campaign. You can analyse the progress of your marketing campaign and the response rate.


Customization of BULK SMS means to modify or build data according to customer’s needs. With the help customized data, you have the right to creating your own recipient groups and manage the SMS marketing campaign & delivery time. You can easily grab the most effective selling strategy which will provide you. You can easily add or delete any contact from your recipient groups.

Nimbus It Solutions Have The Solutions And Helps You To Send Customized Messages And Marketing Campaign For Your Right Targeted Audience.
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