BULK EMAIL Marketing


BULK EMAIL Marketing is direct marketing a commercial message to a group of people using electronic mail. It is the simplest method to advertise, promote your brand, services and offers digitally through the internet.

BULK EMAIL means for sending mail in large quantities. It is the best way of communication  to sending the information from one computer to another computer. In other words, we can say that share information from one user to multiple users across the world within a second by second. It is also used to help promote your products and services at a very large scale without so much spending money on this service. It works as a standalone software to easily access and sending the data all over the world. It is web based and a user-friendly software.

NIMBUS IT SOLUTIONS are experts not only when it comes to giving or surrendering something on the email platform, but also we offer the services of Email Marketing using which you can easily expand or promote as per customer database. In the today times, advanced technology is used. Due to  Bulk Email Marketing is the most secure and safe. NIMBUS is a cost effective  email service  built on the reliable and scalable infrastructure  to advertise your products and services.


  • It is  the right way to boost your sales.
  • It is the extremely powerful and expanding way.
  • Inexpensive
  • It is the perfect marketing tool for sending marketing mailing to many i.e. unlimited number of lists.
  • It is well tested and evaluated.
  • It is easy to reach large groups within a second.
  • It allows you to combine the powers of free servers.
  • Bulk Email Campaign scheduling
  • You can use our services anytime and anywhere.
  • Automatic bounce email processing
  • Email open / click reporting
  • Advanced HTML Email Editor be used.
  • Email ID import facility from Excel
  • Powerful Bulk Email personalization
  • Spam Checking
  • Advanced email list management
  • Promotional content or newsletter

Bulk Email Services is the best bulk email  service provider.  NIMBUS has the quality to survive or stand on own words because they provided 100 % accurate result and quality of data not the quantity of data. They have own dedicated bulk email SMTP servers to provide you with the best in class bulk email marketing solution.

NIMBUS IT SOLUTIONS will ensure that your mailing goes out on time & accurate and is prepared / works according to your instructions.

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