How to Stop and Manage SPAM Emails??

SPAM means Unwanted Email. It is the form of commercial advertising Emails and also called Unsolicited Commercial Email (UCE). It also involves sending messages of emails to numerous recipients at the same time. The purpose of SPAM is used to send advertising, multilevel market, chain letter, political email and stock market advice etc.


In today’s technologically advanced world, SPAM has become as a PROBLEM. It consumes computing resources and times and also reduce the effectiveness of legitimate advertising. SPAM is to identify the theft and fraud. It also have a problem for global implications and consumer perceptions. SPAM Email are just wasting of time. It can be quite annoying.

There are a few steps you can take to limit SPAM, similar to the way you would treat an annoying or uninvited telemarketing sales call.

How to Reduce SPAM???

Email Filter

Email Filter is an automatic processing of incoming messages. With the help of email filter, you can easily manage your incoming mail or archive, delete, star, or automatically forward your mail.You can easily set up email junk filter or rules for your online webmail or email clients. If you have company email, ask your email administrator to help filter unwanted mail through your email client or company’s email firewall.

Limit Exposure

Limit Exposure means that you can use two different Email Ids for various activities. One Email Id for personal used only and second Email Id for shopping, newsletters, chat rooms, coupons, etc. If you are visiting on public sites and forums display with your email address that you do not mind getting spam on automatically. It is more important than ever to keep your information safe and secure.

Check Privacy Policies

You are always being careful of where you submit your Email Address. First, you check the privacy policies of a website before you submit your email address to a particular website. If the website looks spammy, try to avoid any involvement.

Unique Email Address

Unique Email Address means you should be using a unique email id because your choice of email addresses may affect the amount of spam you receive. The best way to solve the spamming problem, you should be changing your password of your accounts regularly. It helped to keep your information secure. The Spammers send out millions of emails to probably email name combinations such as info@, sales@, marketing@, etc. You should be used a unique email address if possible.
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