Alert SMS services that you need to start right now if you’re looking to serve your customers

With the Alerts SMS service, you will be notified at all times of any movement that occurs in your accounts or cards to maintain control and security in all your operations. Instant information, so you know when your payroll is paid or your account is charged when you receive a transfer or any new movement on your card.

Things to Know About Alert SMS Services

The idea of alerts to the population through SMS messages seems to be simple and brilliant. Virtually everyone on a highly developed planet owns a mobile phone, so why invest money in a separate warning system with modern electronic sirens? The use of commercial mobile operator networks should be sufficient and complement the mobile phone with a new system.  

The alert SMS services send text messages and alerts to the general public (well, in fact, only to those who own mobile phones) in case of updates on services or seriousness of some issues in services. It is quick, simple, and cheap. However, it is necessary to draw attention to some fundamental shortcomings that have gone unnoticed in this solution. The main problem is that mobile operator networks are designed and built daily under standard and ordinary conditions.

In other words, when everything is going well; however, when designing and building these networks, it was never considered that they should be sufficiently robust and fully functional in extraordinary situations. While at the same time, they should be prepared for large-scale services. And, we are not just referring to its expected duration but also the fidelity of its accessibility. Every day, for example, it is common for mobile networks in large city centers to become overloaded and not allow their normal operation. 

It is necessary to build a new, relatively expensive infrastructure. It is a standard element that technologies are activated with at least two independent communication channels, for example, via a dedicated radio network and a satellite channel. There is no such possibility on mobile phones. Also, did you know companies take charges the moment any particular goes down and they notify their customers through Alert SMS services

There’s almost no drawback to sending the alert SMS to the customers when it comes to serving them. If your organization requires such services, let us know and help us find a way to serve your customers as well.

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