How To Use WhatsApp for Business Marketing Campaigns

Whatsapp is a powerful marketing tool for business marketing campaign. Nowadays, all the business is aware about SEO, Social Media, PPC & other means of marketing online. But, WhatsApp marketing is going to be one of the most emerging marketing tools in the coming age. Today we have a whole lot of free messaging service providers like WhatsApp, We Chat, Line, Kik messenger, BlackBerry messenger, Viber to name a few. However, the market leader among them is undoubtedly WhatsApp. Whatsapp BULK SMS Marketing is a powerful medium to grow their business, generate more revenue and build more profits. It is the social messaging service acquired by Facebook and also is a world’s fastest-growing communication app. The benefits of whatsapp users are sharing more than 700 million photos and 100 million videos every single day. Today, Whatsapp are becoming more popular than Facebook and it has already replaced SMS and fast mode of communication. It helps to promote their brand with less cost, but more visibility.

Recent studies have indicated that users are substituting their time spent on Facebook with mobile messaging services like WhatsApp. It is definitely changing the face of digital marketing. There was the bulk SMS era when small and medium enterprises have leveraged heavily, but slowly this market is being taken by Whatsapp and others. These social media messaging apps are revolutionizing the marketing communication landscape as they can be interactive, for its ease of use and cost effective features.

Five creative ways to implement WhatsApp in your business:-

  1. For Internal Team Communication
  2. For Customer Communication
  3. For Customer Support
  4. For Marketing & Promotion
  5. Creative Usage Of WhatsApp For Business

The best ways to promote your brand in WhatsApp are:-

The wasp is the clearest picture to help increase your statistics of your business. It is the starting point in highlighting your business. This helps to make sure promote or advertise your brand with having an appropriate image of your brand. Some people wish to put their company logo as their display image. Ultimately, it should interest the user to know more about you.
  • It helps to attract your audience for buying your product or service in one or two liners.
  • It is a post interesting messages, videos to the group members and make it interactive for discussions.
  • It is the cheapest way of communication of sending messages for them to be active in the group.
  • It always accompanies the text along with the appropriate picture or video to make it effective. But, keep the content very brief and up to the point.
  • It helps in sending greetings and birthday wishes to your group members is a good idea.
  • Although WhatsApp is very user-friendly and easy to understand, make sure to understand the new features which might be available from time to time and appropriately use them. For example, WhatsApp calling has been a very useful feature which can be used to cut down on your monthly calling charges.

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